Millionaire Coach Stormy Went From Checking Bags To Teaching You How To Make A Bag! | Blew A Bag

My name is Stormy Wellington,
also known as Coach Stormy, and I blew a bag. So, you may know me from
Amateurs Millionaire’s Club, you may know me from being
a multi-million dollar earner in the industry of network
and and direct sales, you may know me from being
a best selling author. I have about
four different books, three that’s based upon self
help and personal development, and one that’s based
upon my story, my memoir. You may know me from Instagram.
A lot of people know me from being the voice
of the colored girl. Most people know me
by being you know, a source of inspiration.
I am bold, I am unapologetic. So it just depends
on what day of the week, there’s multiple days I do. I’m a mother, I’m a ex-wife,
I am a millionaire coach. I travel all around the world
showing people that they can make money
through network marketing. But, I also teach people that when you learn
to rule your mind, and when you learn
to train the brain, there is nothing
that you can’t accomplish. So I like to look a certain
kind of way, so you may know me
from being that girl that looks
a certain kind of way but speaks differently
than the way I look. So I like to make people
kind of think that I’m, you know, uneducated,
and then when I open my mouth, they start to realize
that wait a minute, this girl is more powerful
than she appears to be. So you may know me
from your child listening to one of my CD’s. I’m all over Apple,
I’m all over Spotify, I have a album that’s actually
doing very well right now. The last regular …
I wouldn’t even call it regular, because people used
to always say to me, “Girl, you got a good job.”
I used to be a TSA agent. I used to wear that thick,
blue shirt, those thick, ugly, blue pants,
with the big, fat belt, and I was the girl
that a lot of you cute girls would come through the airport, and throw your Chanel bags
up there. And I remember back in those
days, feeling like a peasant. I remember, I used to work at
the busiest checkpoint in Miami, at the Miami
International Airport. We would see about
15,000 people a day, and it’s so funny,
because when I think about that, that was one of the defining
moments of my life, working at the airport,
realizing that I deserve better, when I was making
13.75 an hour. Yeah. So, when I was a TSA agent,
at first I was excited about it, because it was
a government job, and everybody would say
if you work at the government, you have a secure job. And then I got even more excited
when I realized that I could climb the
quote unquote corporate ladder, because I was going
to be a customs agent. And so I was always
excited about just the thought of going
from TSA to customs. I remember, if you ever fly, pay attention to the stripes
on the shoulders. One stripe means
you’re just basic, two stripes mean
you’re a supervisor, three stripes mean
that you’re a manager. So I remember my dreams
and aspirations was to go from one stripe
to two stripe to three stripes, then to go to customs. What really made me
have my shift was when I went
to work one day, and some real cute girls
came through the airport. And I remember looking at them,
saying, “What is different
between me and them?” I just believe that they just
had a different thought process, and I believe that they just
had different relationships. And I’ll never forget
going on lunch break one day. I went on lunch break, and I was just like,
“I’m not going back.” I had no idea
where I was going, I had no idea
what I was going do, but I remember that day
like it was yesterday, seeing these cute girls
come through, throw their bags
on the conveyor belt. I had to check it,
I had to do my job, but that day I went to lunch, and I just went AWOL,
and I never came back. So, after I quit my job,
I was in a tough place. Obviously, my income, I took care of my two kids
at the time, because I had two kids,
you know, from the income
that I made from the airport. So it was really rough for me
when I first quit, but I started to really
look around or opportunities, because I’m really
an entrepreneur at heart. I don’t like jobs,
I don’t like being told what time I’ve got
to be to work, I don’t like lunch breaks, you know, I don’t like,
you know, 15 minute breaks. I never felt comfortable,
feeling like I had to hide when I was in the bathroom.
Putting your feet up, because you took an extra
five minutes in the bathroom, and so for a long time
I struggled, when I first quit my TSA job, but I ended up relocated
to Atlanta, Georgia, and Atlanta, Georgia is
what began my shift. When I got to Atlanta, Georgia,
it was real challenging. I was staying different friends,
from pillar to post. I remember, one week I’d be
at this person’s house, next week I’d be
at this person’s house, and then, this was back
in the days when you were able
to kind of … anybody could get approved
for a house if you had a social
security number, you know? It didn’t matter what
your tax returns looked like, it didn’t matter really or truly
if you had the documentations, as long as you had
a 550 credit score. And so I got myself
a nice house, not really realizing that I didn’t have the means
to pay for the house. But that was really
what woke me up, because I started to find
other opportunities outside of what I was
accustomed to, you know? When you are someone
who grew up with men that was either
taking care of you, you know, or of course, finding ways
to get your hustle on, whether it was scheming,
scamming, stealing, plotting, you know, it’s kind of
challenging to find new ways. But, one of the beautiful things
about being in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s like the black mecca,
you know? African Americans can not only
just survive in Atlanta, they can thrive. And I remember working this job where I was able to collect
a million dollars, and close accounts
in collections. And I remember my boss called me
in the office one day and says, “Hey, your performance,
out of this world, you brought a million dollars
in seven months,” and I later learned that
those accounts were closed, which means they wrote
those accounts off. So to be able to collect
a million dollars in seven months
in closed accounts was pretty spectacular,
right? Well, the day my boss told me
that my raise was 25 cents, that literally became, again, another one of my
defining moments. I walked away from that job,
I went AWOL, and I got into
network marketing. When I made my first check
for 5,000 dollars, see what you got to understand is nobody around me
believed in me. My mom thought
I was crazy and stupid. You know, I became
a member of the NFL, no friends, no family left. None of my friends
wanted to hear from me. I became that girl that like,
stay away, because she’s going to
try to sell us something. But there was one thing
that I always understood, because I used to be
involved in retail. I always understood the power of
buying something for wholesale, and then having the ability
to retail it. I always understood the margin
in between was your profit. And so even though
I didn’t understand how everything worked,
I understood making commission, and I understood the margins
from wholesale to retail. What was the most money
I spent in one day? I would have to say the day that I became a Tony Robbins
platinum partner. I paid 85,000 dollars that day, to become a Tony Robbins
platinum partner. That day was the same day that
I had to pay the down payment for one of my events.
The venue was about 30,000. I was staying in
a very expensive hotel, my invoice by the end
of the week, because I was at a conference,
a seven day conference, was about 8,000 dollars.
I flew first class. So I would have to say
my most … yeah, probably
about 130,000 dollars. Just the other day I spent
like 67,000 dollars, but it wasn’t spent.
I paid 10,000 to my attorney, I had to pay 42,000
for my home getting decorated, and then the next day
I had to pay another 85,000
to the contractor. So, I don’t really
specifically look at the money I spend in a day,
but I look at the money that I spent
over a period of 30 days. My money’s more managed
in 30 day increments. Oh my god, I treat myself
like a queen. I’m a queen, I believe
in paying myself first. I average anywhere
between, you know, I’m not get into my money.
I treat myself like a queen. I treat myself, you know,
with the utmost respect. I respect myself. As of today, I would never
loan money again without some type of contract, and some type
of collateral, okay? I do believe in giving back,
you know, that’s why I give 10 percent
to my charity account, because I have
a charity account, and so once my charity account
every month is exhausted, now when you ask me
borrow money, there needs to be
a business transaction, meaning you need to tell me
what is going to be my return. I like 12 percent,
that’s my number. And what’s your collateral?
Do you have any assets? Do you have anything
to give me for this loan? I don’t do loans anymore,
because right now, I probably have 150,000
somewhere in the world, from people that
borrowed it from me. From closest friends
that borrowed and don’t even hardly
talk to me anymore. So what’s coming? First of all, I just got to say
this, the sky is the limit. I do women’s conferences, so I know that that version
of my life is expanded. My goal, and my mission,
is to keep growing as an African American woman who dropped out of school
in the ninth grade, who was told that I wouldn’t
amount to anything, and I did. I am Stormy Wellington,
also known as Coach Stormy, and yes I blew a bag,
I invested a bag, I spent the bag,
I bought some bags, I bought some cars,
I bought some properties, I bought homes
over in Africa where I am a philanthropist,
I help people to get a bag, so yeah, we get
all kind of bags. We even have Chanel bags,
and Erman’s bags, and Gucci bags,
and so yeah, we blowing bags, but we’re investing bags
as well.

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