Military Spouse Juggles Family, Work, Online Classes at Ashford University

My name is Sylwia Stetz.
I am originally from Poland. I live in San Diego with my husband.
We have two kids, Camila and Hugo. And with fish and parrots. My husband is in the US Navy.
He has been deployed a lot, especially during the first four years of- since he joined the service. Military spouses are coming for advice to me and I really hope I do inspire them. They don’t have to just sit and hope and
wait at home for their husbands to to come back They can actually stay busy and-and do do something really great. Because of English being my second language, attending college online and writing my answers instead of actually speaking them in the classroom gave me a great opportunity of mastering skills of writing.
I like the feeling of being productive. And I really- I do not accept wasting time. When Sylwia started her online classes, I promised her that I’m going to take care of logistics. I took over cooking. I took over preparing some meals for our kids. I’m really proud of my mom for graduating
because she’s done lots of work. She has her own job and me and my sister
have a lot of after school activities, and she needs to drop us off and pick us up and she still
finds time to do a lot of homework from Ashford. I guess you could say that she inspired me cause I always did do my homework and all that but she, like, renewed my inspiration. Having a bachelor’s degree with Ashford- it’s great proof
that people will listen to me, that I will be respected as an employee, as a citizen. And it’s just a profile of immigrants out there.

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