Mike Rowe on Job Skills Training

Today the skills gap is wider than it has
ever been. 5.6 million jobs according to the BLS. Vocation education is still missing from an
overwhelming majority of high schools. Bills like the one before this community still
meet resistance impart because millions of Americans still view a career in the trades
as some kind of vocational consolation prize. It's a bias is misguided as any other prejudice
with us today. it posses a clear and present danger to our
country's over all economic security. The student loan bubble is going to burst
as bubbles always do. Currently the outstanding debt is 1.3 trillion
dollars and yet we continue to lend money we don't have to kids who can't pay it back
to teach them jobs that no longer exist while ignoring all other kinds of careers that actually
do. In Springfield Massachusetts right now there
are tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs available, yet the unemployment rate in Springfield
is just as high as it is in the rest of the state. The mismatch between available jobs and the
unemployed local population is enormous and it is happening everywhere. If you want to make America great again, you
gotta make work cool again. You have got to make it aspirational. It can't be this thing that is sitting there
for a whole bunch of people who failed on the aspirational road. It can't be that vocational consolation prize. You just have to change the image of the opportunity.

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    Knowledge and safety protocol (LOTO) for operation and repair of all types of production equipment including pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanics, and electrical (up to 600V AC/DC).

    Knowledge of gas, water, sanitary, emission control, cooling, HVAC, and related systems.

    Read blueprints and perform fabrication activities such as machining, drilling, torching, grinding, welding, and assembly.

    Understand wiring diagrams and troubleshoot equipment issues.

    Perform assigned tasks while focusing on the safety of self and others as the first priority.

    Prioritize the organization and cleanliness of all work areas.

    Awareness and practicing of all Health, Safety, and Environmental policies.

    Knowledge or ability to learn to troubleshoot and program Allen Bradley PLC’s using RSlogix 500, Factorytalk View Studio, and other PLC software (preferred).

    Must be able to lift 100 lbs

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