Migrant kids could lose education classes, sports, legal aid at shelters

Thank You Ali the Trump administration will soon begin cutting education and Recreation funding for migrant children who are housed in government shelters one of those shelters is right here in Tucson and that’s where we find news for Tucson zarok think with more on the impact this could have we’re right across the street from one of those migrant shelters and an immigration rights attorney who works with migrant children closely on a daily basis says this decision by the White House makes a scary situation even more so right now migrant children are living in dozens of shelters across the country because of funding constraints the White House said they will start cutting English classes recreation and legal aid to those children they’re there every day all day for multiple days at a time sometimes months we’ve had clients who’ve been there over a year maybe almost two years and so the shock is what are they going to do all day Gabriela Corrales is a lawyer with the Florence project the organization provides legal services to these kids every day I’ve met with several children today it’s scary to think about it when you you hear the stories and the risks that they’re facing they’re afraid coming here but they’re the journey is perilous it’s dangerous it’s horrible and yet their risk all of that because they’re more afraid of where they’re coming from officials say they’re beginning to cut funding to activities deemed not directly necessary to the protection of life and safety southwest key officials say the company has six shelters in Arizona with a combined 850 minors its CEO sent this message to employees quote we’ve recently been notified by the federal government that any funds directed to recreation or education activities in our shelters are now unallowable we are working with our funding source to understand the reasons behind the decision and what if anything we can do to continue offering these vital services back at the florence project Corrales says this isn’t an immigration issue rather a children’s issue it’s just a very bleak picture and Corrales says state licensing requirements for these shelters here in Arizona must provide both education and recreational activities in Midtown I’m Eric Fink news for Tucson

3 thoughts on “Migrant kids could lose education classes, sports, legal aid at shelters”

  1. i dont under stand if i do some thing if i broke the law i go to jail and they will take my kids, so why is it every one in so mad because
    the illegals got there kids taken away. the word is illegal it means that you broke the law, if you brake the law you go to jail, and if you help some one who has broke the law you are guilty of a crime
    and you go to jail the people in the us government can not endorse criminal action because they would be braking the law. so those in offices in sanctuary city's and states are braking the law
    and shoud go to jail one count for each illegal in there state and any one housing them or giving them work should louse that home or business after all you must fallow the law,
    and also, the democratic party has ben promoting sanctuary states and city's for years they are just as guiltily, the us marshals arrest them and charge them with harboring illegal aliens witch is a felony.for any one to tell people to harass federal employes or the president is treasonous.the democratic party has become the party of antisemitic racist treasonous insane socialistic, they act like Stalin and hitlers nazi party put to gather we need get rid of the democrat party and ban them from any form of the federal garment

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