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hey! You are Raji, right? Mouni, right ? yes, What are you doing here? I am waiting for my boy friend! Oh! what is he doing? Dude, show him some respect! He is of different range! This is my friend, Mouni! Hi! Let’s go Can we reach Jayanagar from here? ya, let’s go! Hey! What happened? Why do you want to go with him? Sorry! Is he your boy friend? What you said is so true, he is of different level! hi baby! sorry, I am little late! Madhan, why are you doping your bike? I ran out of fuel! That gentle man helped me! Thanks bro! Why didn’t you refill? I ran out of money! That’s why! Hey! Stop! See you baby! Why don’t you get the bike I suggested! It was so insulting today! I can get it but only I can ride it if I get it! But this bike can be used by my dad, mom, brother! And, we do meet people who get things to show off! why should we follow them? See you! So why did you replied me late? because.., oh god ! come here! stay here! What happened? yes ! Don’t you have the sense to pay EMI for all the electronic items you got? I do have sense but I don’t have money! Don’t you feel ashamed? Bro, Mind your words, my girl fried is here! Very nice! Of course, She is my girl! Hey! I mean what you do ! Why are you in love when you can’t even manage to pay your bills! That too with such a nice girl! Hello! stop it! how much is the balance? Rs.3000/- Have it! mind your words! Let’s go Madhan! Stop! Why do you over act? Money! Give the money! I myself trying to get money through these drama! But in between, you were telling all the truth! coming! baby, Can we go to CCD? He took everything! (singing song) Can we go somewhere? (god! she is planning something! ) ya, but where? (she is planning it big) CCD? Sorry, Let’s go! Coffee is so hot! Not just the coffee I guess! (she will no more ask for CCD) have it! It’s my birthday today! what are you going to gift me? (is it your b’day?) I have something special! No one would have gifted such thing for you! I am going to gift you! What? Close your eyes! (I don’t even have money!) Open you eyes! I am your gift! I am going to gift you myself! Do you like it? (cursing him) Such a useless! Come, I’ll get you biriyani! (tension since morning) Hi Madhan, Why did you call me urgently? There is no proper response from the interviewers today! what will we do? Madhan, can you get me Vespa? It’s cute! What did you ask? Get me a poison! I’ll better kill myself! Why are you always scolding me? Alright! Let’s go! (I’ll soon be dead) Why is he calling me now?! What if he asks for money! Let’s manage! Hello Raji, come to my home immediately! Hey you’r parents are going to be there! Come! I’ll tell you! What happened? Come! I’ll tell you! Okay! Coming! What happened, Madhan? What happened? What happened? Dad! What happened to him? Dad! What happened to him? He got heart attack, Raji! He has got similar attacks twice! Ok! My parents didn’t tell these worrying about the medical expenses! This was his third attack! Don’t worry, I am here for you! Dad! Please! don’t cry! I would have saved him if i had money! I would have saved him if i had money! Even a life! Middle class people are losing alot just because they lack money! money makes everything! Hi, I am madhan maddy! This video is all about the struggles of a middle class guy! If you like this video Like, Share, Comment and subscribe to Narikootam! click on the bell icon too!

100 thoughts on “Middle Class Life || Narikootam || Tamada Media”

  1. Selavuku 1 Rupa kudaa illamaa naanu padra kastam irukeaa.
    Govt. Exam ku prepare panaranu valiku pogamaa kailaa kasum illamaa middle class haa irukiratu evalu kastamhaa iruku teriumaaa!!

  2. Super madhan….. middle class ah irruthalum…..naala ponnuga… middle class pasagala love pannuvaga….apurm…. love pannra ponnuga Amma Mari pathupaga…

  3. thala setiment varala thala ungaluku enaku siripu vanthuduchu neenga alumbothu🤣🤣🤣 but other than that awesome thala

  4. Bro
    Vera level feelings bgm music bro
    Semma supera eruku
    Yellurum headset use panni kelunga semmaiya eruku…
    Madhan anna semma acting cute ness sa acting panninga bro

  5. அனைவருக்கும் இலவச மருத்துவம் கிடைக்க வாக்களிப்பீர் விவசாயி சின்னத்தில்…..நாம் தமிழர்…

  6. Butta bomma butta bomma nannu chuttu thundiroii..exatly 4:30 secs ☺☺…this is telugu song…i am big fan from andrapradesh

  7. Thurai pombala illena video poda matingalo 😒😏 eppo paru ponungala vechey video potutu 🤦🏻 content te kidaikalaya 😂

  8. You shown the person in the bed in the previous video you say that is your uncle but in this episode you said your father please try to to keep follow this episode or else don't show the previous video clips it's not suited for this video I like you both of you acting it's very well thank you sorry for any e mistake

  9. Birthday apo avanachum kooda irukan .. athu illatha feeling ilathavangaluku than therium .. 5years love la 4birthdays pochu but 1bdy kuda wish panathila kuda irunthathilla.. athu onu than enaku kudukura gift nu niraya time ketruken .. en mama va pakramariye iruku .. sirikumbothu kekapaka nu sirichutu thola pudichu thalli vidrathu ellam😂😂😂

  10. Adikadi nanthan un gift nanthan un gift nu solliye cover paniruvan fraduuuu…😂 Avanukum appa illa … Amma matum .. niraya sanda potalum middle class life sema jolieeee than anga romba pure love kidaikum😍😻

  11. Ella middle class valkailayum challenge iruku en namba life la kooda but one thing work hard in silent and keep on the track as well you deserve a beautiful and well future!!!!!!!

  12. Middle class pasangaluku lam ponuglae crct avadhu idhu ivlo azaga oru ponu crct agi ivlothayum adjust pani iruka madhiri ponu lam kedaika vaipae ila idhelam kanavula dha nadakum

  13. Indha ulgathula kasu dha mukkiyam nanga luv mrg veeta vittu veliya vandhutom v2la irukra vara kasu arumai puriala ippo dha theriudhu inga manushangala vida kasukku dha madhippu adhigam but enaku endha kstamu theriyama en hus enna nalla patthukuranga avanga dha ella pbmum face pandranga

  14. Middle class la neraiyaa santhoasamum iruku….athula thaan kashtamana situationum neraiyaaaaaa irukula…..😖epoathum kaasa suthiyea oditu…..future nallaa irupoamnu nenachikitu oru aasailaiyea……

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