Microsoft Translator for Education: Communicate with Students

There’s a language barrier inside the walls
of our schools and it’s not going away. In fact, the volume of students who arrive
in classrooms without the native language in their toolkit
is steadily increasing. In the United States, the number of English
Language Learners and the nation’s k-12 student population has
more than doubled since 1990. When students aren’t able to comprehend a
new language, it can be difficult to socialize with peers,
or understand new concepts. Often these students feel disconnected from
their school community. Sometimes, despite a teacher’s best efforts
to explain something, students with a language barriers still feel
lost. With Microsoft Translator, teachers can easily
engage students regardless of their language abilities. Teachers simply “tap” to start a conversation,
and share the code with their students. Students join the conversation by entering
the code into any device with web capability. Then they choose which language they would
like to hear or see. As the teacher speaks, Translator provides
real-time audio in the chosen language for each student. It also provides a live, real-time transcript
of the conversation. Students can hear and read the conversation
as it is happening in class. The transcript appears on a student’s device
in the language of their choice. In fact, Microsoft Translator can translate
into multiple languages simultaneously. This live translation allows students to be
fully engaged in the topics and social dynamics of the classroom. Translation can be tricky with unique names
or subject specific vocabulary. But with the PowerPoint add-in, Translator
reads everything in the teacher’s side deck and slide nodes so it can create a more accurate
translation. Translator gives me the opportunity to reach
my students in a way I never could before. I love seeing their faces light up when they
realized they actually understand the message I’m trying
to get across. They can participate in class discussions
like never before. Translation doesn’t only accommodate the learning
of non-native speakers. It helps other students, too. Taking notes in class can be a challenge,
but the transcripts provided by Microsoft Translator
allow all students to access the conversation after the fact. Microsoft Translator allows students to move
from feeling confused to feeling connected with peers and engaged
in learning. Translator saves time, provides real-time
translation, and keeps students captivated with classroom
conversations. Just visit to learn more
and download the app.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Translator for Education: Communicate with Students”

  1. This doesn't really work very well. Languages with grammar significantly different than english do not translate well. For example the Latvian "Rīt pēcpusdienu būšu bijis mītiņā" gets translated as "had been Rally Tomorrow Afternoon" when the direct translation would really be "tomorrow afternoon I will have been in a meeting" and the more contextually accurate translation would be "I'll be done with my meeting tomorrow afternoon"
    even simple things like lines from popular folk songs, and birthday greetings come out horribly garbled.

    Even French – my 4th language so I'm hardly a master – often comes out as poorly as Macron's recent "delicious" gaffe.

    I know this is hard to do. but pretending that if an ESL teacher cannot convey the idea, This software can – is welll.. ludicrous

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