Microsoft Global Education Partner Summit | 2017

(energetic music) (school bell rings) – Welcome to GEPS 2017. It’s the 11th annual GEPS and we’re very, very
happy to have you here. (energetic music) – Technology, specifically
artificial intelligence personalization will absolutely support a student’s individual learning path. – He brought to attention of the audience this fourth dimension of transformation and education that’s
taking place at the moment which aligns a lot with our vision. – And there is tremendous opportunity here for us to use artificial intelligence and the cognitive layers
that are available to all of you, to all of your
schools to leverage today. (energetic music) – I hope that partners
understand where we’re going, what our strategy is,
how we make the decisions that we make on where to invest and what we’re invested in, and where the partnership
opportunities are, and if you have questions, we’re here to answer those questions
to really figure out how do we work together? – This event gives us a
chance to meet other vendors, resellers, distributors
from around the world, so we hope to go back with
lots of relationships. – The networking part of this conference is maybe the most important part. – We get to meet partners
from around the world, but it’s also a great opportunity to really align with Microsoft and with their focuses on education. – The past few years,
I’ve had the opportunity to work on HoloLens. The HoloLens specifically
is opening up learning and achieving learning outcomes in a way that wasn’t possible before today. (energetic music) – It’s an environment way
the relationship matters as much as the outcome matters. I don’t know of any
other technology company that does that and I hope that we can continue that journey and turn it into tangible results for Microsoft and for us. – It’s great to be here. Thank you, Chris. Good morning, I’m gonna
push you a little bit to deepen that partnership with Microsoft. This is the future. If you’re working with us on a vertical, at least consider a
diagonal, and hopefully by the time I’m here next year, you’ll be at a full horizontal with us. – Being shoulder to
shoulder with the people at Microsoft, you realize
that you should try to integrate another
element of a Microsoft product or a program that
you hadn’t thought of before. For us, there a couple that came up here that we had not yet
integrated our products with and we will now to make
ourselves available to even more customers. – Thanks to the incredible partners that attended Global
Education Partner Summit 2017, GEPS is always a great opportunity to see amazing innovations from partners who care and are working hard
in the field of education, working to enable every
student to achieve more in this new fabric of learning that’s happening around the globe. I’m excited to see the innovations to come from the work that we did this week. – GEPS is such an amazing event. Unfortunately, we can’t
bring every partner here, but there are definitely
other ways to get involved. There’s a Go to Market
program that we just launched. There’s also the Microsoft
Education Partner Network. There are opportunities to get involved to communicate and outreach
to the other partners in the network, and we’ve actually seen partners come together through that and really drive business together. (energetic music)

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