Microsoft Education: Set up New Windows 10 Education Devices using the Windows Setup Experience

[MUSIC] If network bandwidth
is not a concern or you don’t have a lot of PCs, you
can use the Windows 10 first run setup experience to set
up the student PCs. This joins your devices to
your Office 365 as your active directory and management services like
Intune for education. To set up student
PCs individually, use the Windows 10 creators
update first run experience. Note that you’ll need
a Wi-Fi network or ethernet connection to join the student
PCs to your school’s Office 365, and Azure active directory. Select your region
on the first screen here to start the process. Choose your keyboard layout,
decide if you want to add a second keyboard layout,
continue with setup. Here, select set up for
an organization and click next. Then sign in with your work or school account using your user
name for Office 365 or other services from Microsoft, then
enter that account’s password. It’ll take a few seconds while
Windows sets up your device. [MUSIC] Next, choose privacy
settings for the device based on your
school’s device policies, noting that certain settings
are turned on by default, including location,
diagnostics, relevant ads, speech recognition, and
tips and recommendations. [MUSIC] This last part of Windows setup
may take a few minutes, so if you have another
device to set up, now is a great time to start
while Windows wraps up setup. [MUSIC] That’s it. Once setup is done, you’ll
see the Windows desktop and you’re ready to roll. [MUSIC]

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