Microsoft Education: A Complete Solution

[MUSIC] Once there was a school that wanted
a better way to bring teachers and students together to collaborate,
explore, and boost outcomes. Than one day, they discovered
the solutions offered by Windows 10. From kindergarten to
college to career and beyond, they found that
Windows grows students to help them achieve a wide
range of learning milestones. All in one platform. They loved using Windows Ink, a powerful tool that lets them
capture ideas quickly and naturally. Which Fosters creativity,
boosts retention and improves outcomes for everyone. By using Office 365,
the school saw that students and educators could collaborate on the
same documents in real time whether they are in the next Classroom or
the other side of the world. The school is proud to increase
productivity and inclusion. With tools built into Office 365,
or their Windows 10 device, students with disabilities
can communicate, consume, and create content more independently,
efficiently, and confidently. The school also because
a safer place to learn with the most advanced
security technology, Windows 10 helps protect students
from malware and malicious sites. And Windows 10 is compatible with
a huge range of devices as well as next generation educational
resources like 3D printers and mixed reality. The school can even use
Microsoft In-tune for education to simplify deployment and
management of PC’s, devices, and applications all through the cloud,
so the IT team was able to transform the educational experience while
keeping teachers in control. And because Microsoft is committed
to improving education for everyone, the school acquired the cloud based
Office 365 education Free for the entire School. With all the benefits Microsoft
education provide students, educators and
IT administrators the school found exactly what it was looking for,
it’s a great time to be learning

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