Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Friends Learn Colors and Opposites

Mickey Minnie Donald DZ let's give little Mickey and all of his friends a magical bath we're going to do some red soap and let's stir him around and count with me on the count of three one two oh my goodness look Little Nicky turn into big Mickey let's go big Mickey here is a little Minnie Mouse and we're going to use purple soap on her and let's give her a spin and the tub and on the count of three one two hey little mini turn into big Minnie huh I scare out big Minnie here is little Donald and let's use some green soap on little Donald and then let's see in the spin 1/2 hey little Donal turned into hey Donald let's get out big tunnel here is Little Daisy and we're going to use some blue soap on her and let's give her a spin in this water and the count of three one two Oh little Deezy turned into the Daisy let's go finish Daisy hey what do you think what happened if we used all four colors in the tub let's give a spin on the count of three one two hey oh my goodness oh this all turned into a bunch of colorful Orbeez how fun is that haha super awesome whoa now there's a bunch of surprises super awesome let's open first I start this right here and this piece we have inside we have tick tock let's have a bunch of stickers let's get sintra here it's leaking water you have Care Bears Russian he's inside we have the blue lumpy there don't be grumpy twist smash let's get sick next this is a pint-sized heroes on eBay who is this let me know in the comment section if you know who this it is let's get going to create one day George George is wearing a blue outfit plus when you present he'll light up hi everybody here is the lion cards my bag to get here before yeah kion and this is rolling kion check this out this is a troll blind a scoop is inside of here which one will be fine whoo this is a bad guy who is he you know his name Creek let's get this shopkin this is a shopkins season 7 oh and it is all wet ok pick out to collect your scale but just trust into the water and we'll hang it here while we open up the surprises get this one first and oh we have sunblock super cool this is on the back right here and we have sunny sunscreen this one is really cool it's translucent and from the Sun a pool party category let's get this one pull out the water and see what we have inside we have Queenie cake from the princess party category and she's got a little tiara right on top finally let's get this one day this is a Disney LEGO Minifigures binding and let's see who might be inside we have a letter T and let's put him together put his body on top of his legs put his head on top of his neck and his ears lamp and either super slippery okay and we'll send him here but he's missing something he's missing a piece of his hair let's look for that here it is haha super awesome let's put in all the surprises that we found and give them a stir with this genius let's say ever it – Niki milf and all her friends came back super awesome these are the little Mickey Mouse Minnie Donald and Daisy let's go find the big one big Mickey Little Nicky big Minnie little mini big Donald little Donald it's easy little Daisy Roger is that's it for this video so let me know in the comment section who is your favorite Mickey Mouse friend she gave in the comment section bye bye now thank you for watching the twitching channel if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up that lets me know to make more videos just like those for you click or tap on this video to watch it click or tap to subscribe it's free plus you get to see my latest videos and until next time be happy and keep smiling

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