Michigan State and holding college leaders accountable | IN 60 SECONDS

In 2018, Michigan State’s ex-president,
Lou Anna Simon, was forced from office after the horrific Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal. Then, the university handed Simon a
sweetheart retirement deal. Simon’s failure to address a documented
and long-standing pattern of criminal abuse was apparently not cause enough to trim
the cords of her golden parachute. Unfortunately, getting a pass for being asleep at the switch seems pretty much the norm when it comes to leaders at America’s colleges. Recall the spring 2019 “Varsity Blues”
college admissions scandal. The parents and the sleaze-merchants who orchestrated
the scheme are facing serious repercussions. The oblivious campus mandarins who presided over the corruption? They’ve gotten off scot-free. It’s no wonder that polling shows
Americans on both the left and right are losing faith in higher education. The industry’s leaders demand
more and more public support. The least we should expect is that these
same leaders be held accountable when they betray the public trust. Do you think university leaders should be more accountable for what happens on their watch? Let us know in our poll. Also, let us know what other topics you’d like
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3 thoughts on “Michigan State and holding college leaders accountable | IN 60 SECONDS”

  1. It's not just Schools, our government, churches and businesses are full of moral hazards. That's why American are in general skeptical of all institutions. Businesses and churches on the left and government on the right.

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