Michigan Budget: Education and Kids Get Boost in 2014 Budget

In terms of smart investments i’d like to
highlight two or three items first of all one of the key areas that’s
important is education and this is a great education budget in
terms of putting numbers together because if you look at it it’s about
investing in our students — our future. In particular I’m very proud to
say we’ve made tremendous progress with early childhood this is an issue that’s been out there
for a lot of years this is a huge step forward in terms of early childhood
education in our state an investment of sixty five million dollars, an incremental investment a major job that will give the opportunity to
hopefully sixteen thousand additional kids to be part of Great Start I hope we’re going to be back here next
year talking about another sixty five million so we can make that whole
waiting list go away that’s a big opportunity K-12, again in each of the last three years we have
been investing in education in K-12 six hundred thirty two dollars is the
per-pupil incremental increase since we took office over the last three years
each and every year we’ve increased funding for K-12 education on a per-pupil basis and we should be
proud of that it’s about a three percent increase this
year again universities and community
colleges are also having growing numbers again with best practices tied into it to
make sure we’re getting great performance and outcomes so very proud of all that another area we should be proud of is
our kids — our children — we’re making a major investment in Healthy Kids Dental. This is a situation that’s going to help
out seventy thousand more michigan kids get dental care and that’s an important issue

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  1. Nice collection of establishment white guys. Where is the cross representation of Michigan's real demograhics!?!

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