MFNERC Special Education Department Retreat

We decided to bring out our whole staff
from the special education unit to bring them out to a land base gathering and
the way we set it up is we had three areas. We had a sweat lodge,
we had traditional and Western perspective of what we do as an
organization and we also had an area where we had indigenous physical health
activities. Yes, it was my first sweat ever it was wonderful I got my name it was day
woman I still have to figure out what it means but it was fantastic. I really enjoyed the tipi talk with Mr. Robertson. What a got out of that was
our children are very knowledgeable of their community and their surroundings and it’s not necessarily book knowledge. and also that communication is two-way
like we bring our our knowledge to them but it’s a sharing from them that we
have to take with us when we leave the communities. As we come in and we don’t spend an awful lot of time in the communities but when we do we go build
those relationships and try and build that trust with the community members
and I think the other thing that we got out of there is the importance of
developing the relationships with the parents and the families in the communities. There’s a lot of knowledge that you can share with kids with the games. Math knowledge,
problem-solving, socialization, sharing taking turns, memorization, so there’s
lots of skills in the games that they taught us today. We planned this event and
hopefully have more because you know when you start thinking about us as a
First Nations Organization I think that we may we need to start realizing as
First Nations people our home is the land and so being out on
the land and taking part in communicating working together. It’s so
much more powerful in a setting such as that as as opposed to sitting in a in a
meeting room and trying to discuss things about what we’re going to do when
we’re out in the communities. Like and share this video!

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