Mexico’s Child Geniuses

– [Narrator] In the heart of Mexico City is a school exclusively
for gifted children. (whooshes) And at the heart of that school is a gifted 16-year-old prodigy, (whooshes) named Dafne Almazán. (cheerful music) (playing piano) – [Narrator] Dafne is a child prodigy who became the world’s
youngest psychologist at the age of 13, and Forbes Magazine named her one of Mexico’s most powerful women. (paper crinkles) At 14, she received her
masters in education, and right now, she is
finishing a doctorate in law. (whooshes) As if that wasn’t enough, Dafne speaks English,
French, Latin and Mandarin, and finds time during the
day to study them all. Did I say that she’s only 16? – Yes, you did. – [Narrator] It is estimated that there is over one million gifted
children in Mexico, with a talent waiting to be tapped. So Dafne is committed to nurturing the vast talent of the
gifted children of Mexico. That’s why she teaches psychology at the school she once graduated from, Centro de Atención al Talento. (upbeat string music) (playing piano) (upbeat guitar music) (exhales) (thuds) (punches) – [Narrator] For example,
there’s this science whiz kid who knows the entire periodic table like the back of his hand. – [Narrator] Or this
kid, with a sharp memory that allows him to memorize
every bone in the human body. – [Narrator] There is this 6-year-old kid presenting on an interesting subject. (majestic orchestral music) (tonal music)

100 thoughts on “Mexico’s Child Geniuses”

  1. Wtf. Yooooo. This shit is dope bruh…. this gives hope to this with burning ambition that others around them don't see. This gives hope to those who know they want more in life but no one around them is on the same page.

  2. the fact that they get discriminated for being smart by other kids really show you how mexicans are. they dumb. I'd praise and want to be like them instead of belittle them.

  3. U.S. joins the chat
    U.S.: we have the best schools here
    Mexico joins the chat
    Mexico: …
    U.S. has left the chat

  4. aqui es donde rl gobierno se debe poner las pilas y poner estos grandes cerebros a inventar cosas que nos haga una raza respetada en el mundo,

  5. Great for them. I wish the programs for gifted children in the us were as good as the one she is running. Here we basically just learn the same things as regular children but we get a lot more homework and are expected to act “like adults”.

  6. If you were so gifted you would know it is ADHD not ADD you melt and gifted would imply they were born that way and nerds being bullied is decreasing massively and that periodic table kid and bone guy there gift is just basic chemist and doctor smarts you melt and hope you learn what having a childhood is like cus with all that studying bet you can’t even ride a bike and why if you can speak English did you speak spanish for a American interview you melt and Latin is dead and you would know that if you were gifted and just stop

  7. My question is how or they GOING TO FIX THE COUNTRY BY FIGHTING THE DRUG CARTELS AND POLTICAL CORUPTION and poverty? Or does that don't matter?

  8. EINSTEIN has left the chat.

    Edit: Just kidding, he's incredibly smart too, but this girl is almost a challenge for him.

  9. I stumbled upon one of those smart ass guys when I went to the Math International Olympiad IMO in Romania I thought the mexicans were a shity team and the Peruvians were too I couldn't believe when the test finished and they scored so much higher than me.I could only imagine how their brain works since I thought I was already to smart 😅 After that I got disc ouraged and stoped competing

  10. Que pena que sea un tema que ni siquiera se toca en México en las noticias ni en n otra via de comunicación interna y que sea. Un tema de interés fuera del país, únicamente evidencia nuestra profunda incapacidad de aceptar que el pais esta patas pa arriba

  11. Yo fui un genio en el boxeo.
    Mi primer vez en el ring en una exhibition disque que en Bakersfield habian encontrado a un chavo muy bueno y lo ivan a presumir.
    pues me dicen tu subes al ring y cuando mi boxeador acabe contigo sigue con otro.
    La verdad yo le pegaba cada
    trancaso y el no podia pegarme. Los que vieron desian que boxeaba yo como Oscar de la Joya.
    le gane y todos sorprendidos, me queria para ir a Japon y pelear mi primer pelea.
    No fui porque estudiaba arquitectura y poco despues choque y me lastime la espalda. El fin.
    Ahora me encanta la politica y los negocios como la construcion, quisa entrene boxeadores para que sean como yo.

  12. Cómo hago para ayudar a un jovencito en U.S.A. el cual creo que es más inteligente que el resto de los demás..?

  13. México, has thousands of men and women working in different parts of the world as professionals and super smart…genius in Swiss country many of them in the science field …

  14. Recently, Mexican kids have won international competitions such as robotics and engineering. Mass media for the most part, in developed countries do not show this kind of events. Mass media just concentrates in portraying the stereotypes and negativity of what other countries have. All countries might have prodigious kids but most of the time they might not be discovered because the socioeconomic conditions are not given or governments don’t support them at all. Hopefully one day, all that changes for good.

  15. They can clean my shitty toilet faster than that Hispanic from Tijuana. Gifted in washing dishes at Popeyes chicken. Hahahaha

  16. There’s more than that, Mexicans are extremely smart people…wayyy more than the white man is willing to admit or accept…

  17. Mexican inventions: first semi – Auto rifle – mondragon rifle and the TV color G Gonzalez Camarena!

  18. But how do you graduate SO early and become a physhologist. Is there a special program. I mean just being smart doesn’t mean bam bam I graduated from Harvard at 14.

  19. I'm mexican too, I support this idea completely with all my heart, but our president has taken off all the goverment support, I mean economic support, please share this new, we need to support this institute of gifted children

  20. Im not a prodigy myself and kinda jealous i admit but we learn these stuff anyways so if they learn it earlier how would that make them smart, i know they're kids but kids can forget so

  21. No mas fuga de cerebros. México es de los paises con mas fuga de cerebro, si regresan pero el desarrollo que hacen lo hacen para otros paises.

  22. I would rather be born in Mexico rather than the USA. I hate being Chicano. The use of my phone, video games, memes are taking over my life. Even if my parents wanted me to have a better life(by the way they were born in Puebla)I would rather be born in Mexico, no matter the risk. There's way too much un-educated gay irrelevant topics in the USA. Example, look at the Trending Page, it defines the USA in a nutshell.

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