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I am the Meteoroid!
Don’t take me for a ride,.. ..cuz I then turn into a Meteor, huh! I pass through the atmosphere
of the earth, no, don’t get scared,.. ..cuz I then turn into a Meteorite!
That’s right! Aha! Very well Mr. Meteoride! Let me simplify your poem for
my friends out here! Come, we’ll talk about Meteroids, Meteors
and Meteorites today! Zoom in. A Meteoride is a small rocky solar object
found in the Asteroid Belt,.. ..between Mars and Jupiter. Whoa
Yikes! Which is often known as the Solar Junkyard. When the molecules around the meteoroids
rub against them, they starts burning. When this burning meteroid passes
through the Earth’s atmosphere,.. is called a Meteor! And, when that Meteor survives
through the atmosphere.. ..and collides with the earth’s surface,
it’s called a Meteorite. A Metoroid, a Meteor and a Meteorite. Haven’t you seen shooting stars? Wooow! Well, those are actually meteors. Some meteors burn brighter than the rest,
often known as fireballs Some fireballs appear even brighter
than the planet Venus. Hahaha! There’s a small percentage of Meteoroids
that follow a particular path.. the Earth’s atmosphere and
then back out again. And, they are called Grazing Fireballs. About 25 million meteors enter the
Earth’s atmosphere every day. But most of them often burn up. Giving out 1 million kilograms of dust
per day that settles on the Earth’s surface. So who knows? The dust around you
could be from space! Haha! The meteorites are classified
into three types.. ..the stony ones,.. ..the ones that have iron in them.. ..and the magnetic ones. Trivia Time! Asteroids are parent bodies of Meteroids. Nearly 500 meteorites reach Earth’s
surface every year,.. ..out of which only 5-6 reach the
scientists for their study! I am the Meteorite,
I used to shine so bright! This Earth is such a plight! I am the Meteorite. I am the Meteorite. I used to shine so bright! This is me zooming out. Tune in next time for more fun facts.

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  1. thanks dr binocs i can finally answer my homework by the way i subscribed to your video because its making me smart thanks dr binocs!!!!!!!

  2. Cool right in these days in our science Solar System is going on we also studied comets asteroids and meteoroids this helped me a lot πŸ˜€

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