Men’s dorm at Georgetown University in Qatar

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Claudio Pergolizzi. I’m a sophomore at Georgetown
University in Qatar and today I’ll be giving you a tour of the male housing dorm. (upbeat music) The housing is a very secure facility which requires you to
have a identification card which gives you access to the gate. (upbeat music) There are four building
types in the male housing, two are the residency hall
where the freshmen stay which is a smaller room. And then the other two are apartment style that have a kitchen. And then the other building over there is for married couples with children. I live in Sabur Hall on the ground floor and in the halls and all
the halls inside the housing is all the different universities which include Cornell
students, Texas A and M, Carnegie Mellon and Northwestern, and Georgetown students of course. This is my room and each student has a
computer outside of their rooms which you can put any image
or leave a note for a friend. For me I put my room
name, the Sabur Embassy and each one of my friends, I’m representing their nationality. So to enter your room you
need to have your access card and scan right here. And then welcome to my apartment. This is my kitchen which comes
with a fridge and freezer stove top, microwave, and a dishwasher. And it depends if I either
want to cook some nights for my friends or for myself or if I want to choose
between ordering food or going to the cafeteria. This is the living room in
the single bedroom apartment which comes with these two
tables and this couch right here. However the beanbag I did bring myself. As you can see over here, each room comes with a
flat-screen TV in the living room and in the bedroom as well. And students are allowed to bring whatever gaming devices
that they like to do in their recreational time. This is my bedroom. Inside it comes with a full size bed in the single bedroom apartment, also with another flat screen TV and a desk which you could
bring your own desktop or laptop wherever which you like to work with. And over here, this is the bathroom which comes with a shower and each student has their own shower either if you’re in a single bedroom or a two bedroom apartment. So this is the dining court which you can either have
breakfast, lunch, or dinner and the prices are relatively cheap. But what’s nice about the
male housing dining court is that you could have friends from outside of Education City to join and dine with you. Alright. This concludes our tour of
the male housing complex. Thank you for joining me and I hope to see you soon at Georgetown University in Qatar. (upbeat music)

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