31 thoughts on “Memphis Depay 2019 – Dazzling Skills & Goals – HD”

  1. DEPAY !!!

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  2. I'm gunna be honest:

    As much as I'd like to see him join, I doubt we will because I doubt we will spend big this summer since Klopp is happy with his squad

    Just my opinion, not saying I'm right

  3. This music is to much it kinda hurt my ears to be honest but well I am here for them skills not Music.

  4. Memphis Depay?!
    Nice !!! But
    davide moscardelli is a genius and a silent hero !! Do you know that
    he has trained numerous world class players ?! They knew about this man and went to him … he himself never wanted to have a world career by himself . He could have played for every team of the world !
    There are no words to describe his talent

  5. Nice content as always

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