Melissa Ramirez: Using New Tools to Teach Microbiology

I think I've always been really
interested in science and understanding the way that the world works. I was just
fascinated that there was this entire microbial world that we couldn't see. I
teach in the microbiology program, bringing more inclusive learning
practices to the STEM classroom. We are developing 3D-printed teaching tools for
use in the undergraduate classroom. The way that science has been taught has
been very one-way. When you give them a 3D-printed tool to interact with you get
a more engaged classroom. By giving students alternative ways to demonstrate
their understanding of information I hope that more students will see
themselves as scientists and persist in the field of science. I use technology to
teach students about microbiology, and that's how I think and do at NC State.

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  1. Technologies is very very very important. That is what will take this country to the next level. We can build the materials to withstand hurricanes. We can change the world with intelligence and the technology that comes with it

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