25 thoughts on “Meguiar's vs. Turtle Wax: the fair and UNfair comparison…..”

  1. I love meguiar's cleaner wax, it's a great AIO, I love the rims, bodywork and even the windows! The only defect would be that it is not usable with a double action polisher compared to color X, white (Black) wax and new 3 in 1 wax!
    Turtle wax scratch remover would rather be compared to meguiar's scratch X 1.0 see 2.0!?

  2. Annoying. I used to like your videos. Not in the least anymore. And you refer to yourself in the third person. Too much ego.

  3. The non regulation of detailing products may be a blessing in disguise. Should the government step in and regulate the industry prices will inevitably increase substantially and some products may turn out less effective or eliminated altogether (wear your PPE). As the saying goes: Be careful what you wish for, it could come back to bite you. Like Darren said, just use a little critical thinking. Maybe a dash of common sense as well, and all should turn out fine in the end.

  4. What YouTube channels are you talking about ? And always liked using Megs cleaner wax been using it for years

  5. If a polishing product can genuinely get rid of 1000g or 1500g scratches or sanding marks, that’s already a compound which is meant to be used with a rotary or DA.

  6. ai agree and always respect your opinion .Its good to see you show us how to work through the hype and actually make some use of these products .I have just bought Meguairs Polishing compound .It says use by hand only but it didn't do anything can i use my black and decker polisher buffer

  7. finally true voice of reason is back.as always great video again buddy. it's lookn like some1 needs his readers on as u hold the bottle .no worries buddy I'm not far behind u.b well stay hydrated my friend

  8. Thank you for trying to help us out!Noting what platelets are as a former health-care worker, platelets may signify the viscous layer holding a "watery" substance which actually helps in the healing action of the underlying blood, or cell.

  9. That's exactly how I feel when I buy these products. I'm overloaded with all the labels explaining what they do. And in the end I'm still confused. That's why this channel is my only go to for car detailing.

  10. Stopped watching when I saw the bloody WHITE car. White cars should never be used for any kind of paint correction demonstration IMHO.

  11. Turtle Wax use platelets on the packaging for the Jet Black Spray Polish I tested. It's a jargon alternative to fillers.

  12. i am not a professional I am a as small as a piece of sand.i remember a video someone ask what is the best wax you told all waxes do the same protection.and are also fancy names. take chemical guys are millions of products basic most in the description tell is deep shine or give you protection but its not 1 product its many products and all i do is reading the description or search a video .if both products do the same beside if they work or not .they both do the same and i want a good product am not a professional in what in reading the label find a good product which is t the hype apx detailer made experiment with turtle wax seal and shine from that video its an affordable very strong product. description of original turtle wax take oxidation away it suppose to do 2 or 3 things i read it and buy it and used it if it does do that what description is i buy it .so if these 2 products in the label have some fancy names like plateless other nice words in what or how am i suppose to read the label .new hype product ceramic coating i used it is it hype ? is a spray wax the same good quality ? or paste wax ? chemical guys have a 1000 dollar wax wy should i pay 1000 dollars can i not better buy turtle wax of 5 dollars and so am confused.by the way i would be totally insane buy 1000 dollars wax no way its way we are today or some time

  13. Good comparison. Is there a product, just out of a bottle, that could do a better job than these two? Something that a person can use without a machine, just by hand to get “light” scratches out? Thx

  14. Thank you Mr Priest for another positive and informative video.
    I look forward to making more informative videos with you.

  15. Always love your videos, very informative. I don't know why people say that you videos are too long, whereas I find them very informative. More information is always good.
    I do have a request. I am from Pakistan and noon detailer. I just bought Sonax Profiline Iron+Rust Remover special ( 10 liters ) but when I read the back of the product it is very acidic and now I am a little scared to use is on my car paint and wheels so can you please, PLEASE do a review of it and educate idiots like us now how to use it or is it safe or not etc.
    Thank you

  16. Yawn. Chemical Guys makes claims & it's all hype. CG has terrible products. Basically if a product is otc it's no good to you? I'd use Meguiars over CG any day.

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