Meghan delivers empowering speech about her education struggles to Fijians

I'm also fully aware of the challenges of being able to afford this level of schooling for many people around the world myself included it was through scholarships financial aid programs and work-study where my earnings from a job on campus went directly towards my tuition that I was able to attend University and without question it was worth every effort everyone should be afforded the opportunity to receive education that they want but more importantly the education that they have the right to receive and for women and girls in developing countries this is vital providing them with access to education as the key to economic and social development the association of Commonwealth universities which Her Majesty the Queen is patron of supports universities to promote equality and their own institutions so I am very pleased to announce today that two new grants will be awarded to Fiji National University and the University of South Pacific allowing each of them to run workshops which empower their female staff I declare before you all it's my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and to the service of our great imperial family to which we

45 thoughts on “Meghan delivers empowering speech about her education struggles to Fijians”

  1. If this woman had the courage of her convictions, she would tell those students that if they have the ability and the will, they should be able to become Head of State. But no, she can't say that, because she has subscribed to an anti-democratic organisation to promote herself. What an icon!

  2. Such an amazing and very well spoken lady…. so beautiful 😍 and so smart!!!! Go Meghan!!!

  3. Can this pet of Harry's ever tell the truth about anything? There was no struggle…her dad paid her student loans….she had creditors out the wazoo, and her dad paid them off…..he had to declare bankruptcy over her debts….and let's not forget the money her husband paid for her spending habits….habitual liar…..the money she does have was newly made and invested from her suits role…..she could never keep two nickels together without spending them….just wait….you will see.

  4. She is awesome! And why do the haters watch her if they hate her? Just move on to someone you enjoy watching….To filter their hate and for what reason? A waste of your life. Move on and enjoy what you love….

  5. Funny thing is, her dad claimed that he is the reason she is where she is to include her education.

    I love the classy shade, revelation of her truth, & compassion on her royal journey.

  6. I love megan, it great she is encouraging education, it is so important. Her speech was deliverd well. But did she not go to private school? And if the struggle was real for her, what message is she sending to those who went or go to public school?

  7. I hope Meghan keeps her beautiful American accent and never starts speaking like a poem with a stiff upper lip.

  8. Thank you for speaking on the rights of women and girls to receive an equal opportunity education.. you are a role model. Excellent form and speech.

  9. Meghan should rest now, she looks tired, the woman is pregnant she needs to put her feet up. However, great speech, Meg, you're awesome but you need to rest.

  10. I don’t understand why people don’t like her. She is amazing and so inspiring to not only women, but to everyone!

  11. Diana-Why are you up here with your negative attitude. What have your contributions been to anyone other then probably yourself. Just like Jesus, those who try to spread goodwill, will always be judged by those who chose to spread hate.

  12. Her father goes about saying he made her paid for her education …her half sister claims same…..interesting to hear she states she did it herself

  13. Harry,what about your education ,you did not finish the college …and Meghan sly fox…apart of private catholic school (paid by your dad)…show us your diploma as you show your self!!!!!

  14. What an excellent speech Duchess Meghan 👏🏻 I can so relate to what she's been through paying off tuition fees. Even if my parents help me pay off some of it, it isn't enough to fully pay the tuition fees and student loans hence looking for a part-time job while doing a full course load in University. It is normal to go through this in North America as a student. Not everyone is as privileged as some other people. This is the reality of most students. Bravo Duchess Meghan👏🏻❤️

  15. She has fitted in…great speech delivered really well..and she has also looked fantastic during this tour…especiallly the white ensemble and the blue cape dress
    Congratulations Megan it must be exhausting but you havnt showed it…Proud that yr part of our Royal Family!!!

  16. That was so wonderful. Most of those students can identify with Meghan .It's sometimes not easy to listen to someone who was born with a trust fund ( no offence).


  18. I don't think that you guys understand just how proud I am of Duchess Meghan. The speech was beautiful and spoke to me personally (I'm on a scholarship and also had to get a part time job to pay for tuition) and she delivered her speech so beautifully. The epitome of class, beauty, brains and grace.

  19. Smart enough for scholarship money. Poor enough for financial aid. Hardworking enough to do work/study. Good job Duchess. Thank you for sharing your education experience. Education empowers people, especially the poor, middle class and women.  Love the flowered frock. Love the casual outfits of both Harry and Meghan. I love the men's greeting.

  20. I love this speech. You're not only empowering those believing they can't make it, because of their social background, but you're also responding to those who were pretending that you used the money of your father to pay for your studies. I knew from reading your blog that you were someone special and I am happy to see that I was right.

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