Meeting 2 Coach Instruction | Tier 2 | Attaining Higher Education

We’re moving on to
Meeting 2, which will most likely be the most
intense of your meetings. Take a moment to make small
talk with your applicant and follow up with any
questions from the last meeting, but the objective
for this meeting is to work through and
discuss Module 4, the college application. We hope that after this
meeting, the student will have a clear understanding of
the college application process and will receive another set
of comments on their college essay, but they
should not expect you to copy-edit their work. Now, you’ve reviewed
the admission worksheet, but still go over
it with your student to make sure of the following. Is the applicant aware
of upcoming deadlines? Has he or she taken
the SAT or ACT? Have they ordered score
reports for the colleges? Have they solicited
letters of recommendation, and have they requested
official transcripts? You will most likely spend
the bulk of your time talking about the college essay. You’ll find some
additional tips on how to communicate your
feedback, and we’ve given you some
questions to consider when evaluating an essay in
the additional resources. But remember, the
most important pieces are to credit the student
for positive results and cite the essay
when noting problems. So for example, to credit
the student, you could say, you’ve written a fine essay. It was clear and compelling. And to cite the essay when
noting problems, you could say, this essay relies a little bit
too much on military jargon. It can be difficult to
understand at times. Another important
thing to remember is to frame your
conversation with what we like to call a praise sandwich. That is, begin and end
with positive comments about the essay, and use
the middle of your time to work through difficult areas. Utilize the action
items in Module 4, particularly the
section called Essay, so that they are
reminded of the things to think about as they
continue to refine their essay. If you have time and the
student will be interviewing with a potential
college, spend some time conducting a mock interview. You can utilize the information
in the interactive journal to help with this process. Your homework for
the next meeting is to review the
financial aid worksheet. Plan to use meeting number 3 to
review the worksheet together and offer suggestions,
answer questions surrounding financial aid, and any of the
applicant’s personal questions. Before you meet,
ask the applicant to send you three or four
questions about the process. You’ll use those questions
to start the conversation next time.

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