Meet the Teachers – Kerry (Primary School Teacher)

**Recites a poem to the class Mackey: I was a teaching assistant prior to
my training for two years in reception, I started my teacher training in year two, I’m
now in my third year in year one. **Recites a poem to the class Mackey: I studied Business Management at University,
and when I left, all I wanted to do was work in the travel industry, travelling round the
world and in hotels. Mackey: I did that for about five years, and
then I just felt, going to work each day, uninspired, I wasn’t really progressing but
at the same time I didn’t want to progress. Mackey: So I decided to get into teaching
and I wanted to wean myself into it, so I got a teaching assistants job which I loved,
and it was a great way to get into teaching and a feel for schools. Mackey: I remember learning about the Romans,
the Tudors, the Ancient Greeks, World War Two, and I’m still really into those things
today, which is all down to my primary school teachers planning amazing lessons, teaching
them and making them memorable. Mackey: I wanted to do that for children,
I wanted to ignite in them, the passions that they ignited in me. The route that I took into teaching was the
School Direct Route, so I was training on the job. I started off in Year Two, and then I went
in my cross phase to another school for a year three placement. Mackey: When I came back I went into year
one and I took over a class because a teacher went on maternity leave, at the time it was
very daunting it was in my training year in a class, I was struggling between doing essays,
teacher training, reflections and observations and also having full classroom responsibility. However looking back on that now I wouldn’t
change it, it really set me up for my NQT year, it wasn’t daunting at all. Mackey: Working in Year One, the first few
weeks of autumn term is always a bit AAah! The children have just come up from reception
so it takes a lot of settling in. But its such a lovely term, we have autumn
to explore and we have bonfire night and all the lead up to Christmas. So doing Christmas displays and learning Christmas
songs. Mackey: I could easily work from first thing
Saturday morning to last thing Sunday night, and still not get everything I want to do,
done, however I tell myself I have to have one day off, so I go and see my friends, or
spend time with family, or just chill out and have a lazy day. Mackey: Over the long six week summer break,
we are in school a lot, preparing the classroom, planning, doing all the display boards, but
I again give myself two weeks where I say, I’m not going into school, I’m going on holiday. Mackey: You are making a difference to children,
you’re not just selling holidays, like I was, you are changing lives.

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