23 thoughts on “Meet the Teacher Vlog | Pocketful of Primary”

  1. By watching these teacher blogs I’m going back in time when I was in school giving my teachers a hard time and now regretting it because they was awesome teachers.

  2. Why do the students have 4 different teachers? Do they all rotate rooms like in high school? Aren’t they a little young for that?

    In Australia children in primary school (pre-primary to year 6) have one classroom teacher and specialty teachers like sport or music will take them to either the oval or the music room.

  3. On your Fourth Grade Handbook you left the first i out of communication. Since this was * months ago, you must have caught this. Did you redo that page or just use the mistake ones anyway?

  4. i love these videos! even though im only in middle school, my DREAM job is to become a teacher and teach fourth graders. you inspired me to keep on trying and im so excited for my future! keep up the good work! looking forward to the 2019-2020 school year! =D

  5. I am currently binge watching your videos (I’m in college student teaching right now) and it’s making me so excited for my own classroom 😆

  6. Nice to meet you michelle Ferre your very great teacher I'm new to you channel check out Phillips FamBam How Ines Rolls This is how we Bingham Oh Shiitake Mushrooms the Bevos and Jack Doherty and Subscribe to all of there channels I look forward of watching more of your videos Josh McDilda From Chicago IL

  7. This video was my first video that I watched as my favourite YouTuber !! That is you Michelle !!

  8. I'm just a kid. I'm not a teacher nor do I intend to be. I want to be a nurse at a children's hospital, but I have so much respect for teachers. Especially u. Ur amazing and very pretty.

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