Meet Tamara Cox – 2020 Teacher of the Year Finalist

[MUSIC] I became a teacher
because I love to learn, and I would’ve been a student
forever if I could’ve. And the closest thing to
that is being a teacher, except now I get to learn
with 1,200 teenagers [LAUGH]. As the school librarian,
I get to collaborate with teachers from all subjects and spark that
love of learning in our students. I get to share books with them and
connect with them through books and that opens the door to hear their story. Today’s activities centers around some
things that you’ve learned this year from history, science and some research skills. So we’re starting with December 9th 1984. Which was as shocking day for the family of 24 year old woman
who died from necrosis of the jaw. I’m excited to come to school everyday
to see my students because as the school librarian, I get to know them for
four whole years and really connect with them and I love to See how their day is
going, see what I can do to help them. And every day is a new
challenge in the library. It’s a different subject, different
things going on, so it’s always fun. There are amazing teachers quietly
changing the world all over South Carolina. What a privilege it would be to travel
the state, meet those teachers, hear their stories, and
use this platform to amplify their voices. If I were selected as teacher of
the year I hope to inspire and empower those teachers to speak up. It’s through our collective voices that
we can advocate for our students and our profession. One of my favorite quotes is, there isn’t a student you wouldn’t
love if you could read their story. And that’s why I love being a teacher,
it gives me purpose. And I’m able to help people and
make the world a better place. [MUSIC]

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