Meet Ruben the support dog

Hello. My name is Ruben and I’m a support dog. This is my human Margie, we make a great team. She thinks I’m a good boy. “Woof. Good boy” I like to fetch. I like pats. I LOVE to lick lots of faces too. But most of all I like to help my friends
at Great Lakes College, Tuncurry. “Ruben works with a variety of students
with disabilities; students primarily with autism and high levels of anxiety, students
with behaviour difficulties and mental health problems and students with intellectual disabilities”. Ruben can detect when someone is feeling anxious
because we give off phenomes for all our emotions or how we’re actually feeling physically
or mentally. Ruben can walk around a room and he can pick
up which student is feeling the most anxious, so he knows who needs the most help. I make them feel better when they’re having
a bad day. I sometimes get stories read to me by my friends
when they’re too nervous to read in front of other people. I calm them down when they’re feeling stressed
or anxious. I even make the teachers smile too. “Ruben has a really bubbly personality. I swear that he has sense of humour, if dogs
can have a sense of humour. He’s a bit of a clown, he can be very boisterous
or he can also be very quiet and empathetic with people who perhaps are feeling sad”. “The effect that Ruben has had on support
unit and the wider school community is generally making people feel happier and more content
to be in the workplace or at school. I have the best buddies in the world

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