Meet Daniel – “Everything starts with education”

(bright instrumental music) – Hi, my name’s Daniel Exelby. Currently, I’m a teacher aide here at Lockyer District High School. I was actually a student
here from 2008 to 2012. I was school captain,
which gave me great insight as to what actually happens or what goes on behind
the scenes of the school, and I think that’s one
of the things that really led me to want to be a teacher. Since then, I’ve been studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education. I’m teacher-aiding here up
until the end of the year, and then, as of next year, I’ll be on the teaching
staff here at the school. As a teacher aide, a regular day for me starts about 8:30 here at school. I do a staff room check
with a lot of the teachers that I’m time-tabled on with that day, just to see where I’ll be
most beneficial for them. Outside of school, I have
the odd game of golf, even though I’m completely hopeless, exercise pretty regularly, whether that be swimming in
the morning before school, or going for a run or something like that. 100% happy with the career I’ve chosen. Everything starts with education, whether you want to be
a doctor, electrician, work in human resources,
or anything like that. And basically, I get to go to sleep at the end of every night knowing that I’m helping someone
achieve their personal goals. To someone who’s considering
a career in teaching, I would say absolutely,
100%, just go for it. Every day I get to come in and I get to meet new people constantly, make relationships with these students, and I get to see them achieve, and I absolutely wouldn’t change anything. (bright music)

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