MEERKAT: Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning

Meerkats. Meerkats are small squirrel sized critters
that come from the mongoose family. Cute furry little Meerkats have pointy brown
noses, stripy backs, a long thin tail to help with standing, and dark brown patches around their binocular
vision eyes! Meerkats forage for a variety of food each
day. Scratching around in the sand they look for… insects like – beetles, spiders and scorpions,
or small reptiles, birds, eggs and fruit! Living in large family groups of up to 40,
called Mobs or Gangs, they have amazing teamwork. While the mob forages, some of the Meerkats
called Sentries keep a lookout for the others. They stand tall while their heads dart around
searching for predators. The sentries let out a loud squeal if they
see something and everyone runs to the safety of the burrow. Meerkats’ burrows contain lots of entrances,
tunnels and rooms. Inside the burrow babysitters take turns looking
after young Meerkats called Pups. Meerkats use the large curved claws on their
fingers to dig their elaborate homes. Did you know Meerkats worked so well together
as a team? I bet you can do the same with your family
and friends!

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