Medical Program

The mission of the Medical Education Division
is aligned with the mission of Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar which is to graduate highly qualified students
with an M.D. degree, who can be leaders in clinical care, research, innovation, and teaching
in the future. I am Dr. Thurayya Arayssi, I am the Senior
Associate Dean for Medical Education at Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar. The simulation lab provides an opportunity
for our students to practice communication skills as well as procedure skills and get
them comfortable with them before they take them to the clinical sites. In addition, we use technology to augment
the students’ learning in anatomy, and all of our students use iPads and other notebooks
while in their hospitals so that they can access up to date information while taking
care of patients. During the clerkships, our students get hands
on experience in patient care under the supervision of the senior consultants. Our clinical clerkships are completed at our
affiliate hospitals: Sidra, Hamad Medical Corporation, and the vast number of the primary
healthcare centers in the city. We’ve been invited by the leadership of
Qatar Foundation to establish this very special program. And we feel our mission is to graduate the
most qualified physicians who will come back and be the future leaders of healthcare in
this community.

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