36 thoughts on “Media & the Mind: Crash Course Media Literacy #4”

  1. i am here in the 2099 trump became president due to on going emergency power the USA is at war with Canada while we worried about the Mexican border Canada tried to attack from behind and Ben Shapiro was behind it so subscribe to louder with crowder while you still can and join mug club and not leftest tears this is your warning

  2. Are there any teachers out there who have developed worksheets or assignments based on this series?

  3. Dude, you killed me with the Bill Paxton reference, that's absolutely true!!! LMFAO!!! Why is that?!!!!!

  4. "How can those 30 people click 'unlike' button for such a good course!" we are doing something related to media literacy every day.

  5. Interesting, if I see something about a complex topic that makes me think "I've read a story like this before", it makes me immediately suspicious.
    If it looks suspiciously black and white I usually think that it's been oversimplified (,again).

  6. This show is awesome. I would just like to put a different perspective on that phrase about fake news. If you never fallen to fake news before, you probally didn't even notice you did then. We can't be sure of everything.

  7. Your surname can't really be smooth can it? That name paired with that voice… you must have chosen it.

  8. This video has a lot of [citation needed] on the claims it makes about how the mind works or claims about how people react(ed) to things. I really wish there was a works cited or "for further reading" on these things.

  9. If you want a great exploration of story in culture, the episode of Star Trek TNG, "Darmok" is awesome. You dont really need to know anything abouy star trek to enjoy it! It involves trying to communicate with a species that doesnt have a language that can be translated by the universal translator-an interesting challenge with interesting results! Well worth a watch-and easy to get a hold of on streaming services….

  10. No no it's not Bill Paxton it's that guy, that guy from children of men and closer? Ugh what's his name? I can list many movies he's been in but I always forget his name.

  11. love the gangstarr, nas, and tribe posters; your subliminal advertisement has me nodding my head

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