Media Literacy – Helping Yourself & Others

hello everyone welcome to my week 8 screencast helping yourself and others this is Alisa and let's get started so an overview of what I'll be talking about today is chapter 15 helping yourself and others to increase media literacy so the topics that I'll be covering are developing a personal strategy techniques for helping others and some of my final thoughts about the chapter then I'll be moving into my media literacy unit considerations so far I'm considering social media for students social media for parents and media content and reality so developing a personal strategy there are 10 suggestions in the textbook but these are the ones that I feel are most effective I have two more on the following side so the first one I have is develop an accurate awareness of your exposure patterns the way you can do this is by studying your media usage for a week or longer this means looking at what type of media you consume when you consume it such as if you get home from a long day of work or you're done with classes do you consume more media then and then for how long the next thing is change behaviors 82 percent of Americans agree that they buy and consume more than needed and although they agree that they buy and consume more than needed they continue to do so so by changing behaviors I mean make sure your media usage lines up with your beliefs then do not take privacy for granted according to the textbook on page 312 once your message is sent in digital form it can be endlessly copied stored and distributed to anyone so if you have any social media accounts such as Facebook check your privacy settings on Facebook you can choose if your friends can see your content if your community can see your content or anyone can see your content so just consider that anyone around the world could be seeing anything copying it and distributing it unless you take these privacy measures and then take personal responsibility don't wait for someone else such as the government to impose a solution be mindful of what media you consume and how much also be mindful of what you share a lot of people don't say share the same beliefs so be mindful of the other presences online and that's just an important thing in general to understand in my opinion then moving on to techniques for helping others the textbook suggests three techniques so I'll just be going over those briefly so interpersonal techniques these are informal so it's suggested that you be positive and constructive be balanced and help people think for themselves so this might be an informal conversation with a friend or co-worker either way it shouldn't be too serious it should just be kind of a comfortable conversation and then move on from there and then there are interventions these are way more formal and they're carefully designed sessions intended to achieve a particular goal or goals so in this case it might be a company meeting or a company training and then societal techniques these focus on exerting pressure on a particular part of the industry government or some institution to increase public awareness about a problem or to bring about some particular change in this instance it would probably be more of a national concern so it's definitely a larger scale and then my question which of these techniques might you try to use first and for what reason I'm also curious if you've ever used any of these techniques so if you have any examples that would be awesome I've used interpersonal techniques if I'd accomplished conversations with people and I've also been a part of interventions at the company that I work they include that in their orientation because they want employees to be using their social media wisely they don't want us to misrepresent them or anything so I'm just curious what you have to say and then my final thoughts about chapter 15 this is a part of the text on page 325 media literacy is a perspective to achieve this perspective you need to increase your awareness and control my question regarding this is do you think you've achieved the media literacy perspective if not what do you plan on doing to increase your awareness and control I think that I've achieved the media literacy perspective because over the last weeks I've definitely been more aware about what I'm consuming how much and when and then I've also taken more consideration into how I can control media so what I'm sharing on Instagram or Facebook things like that and on to the next part media literacy unit considerations so these are the ideas that I have for developing a lesson plan or a lesson so the first topic I'm considering is social media and students I'm studying to become an elementary teacher so a lesson plan for my future students would be great to have social media is also an interest topic to me because I grew up without a social media presence in my life I didn't have facebook until I was about 15 years old and Instagram until I was about 18 I think that it's important to share what I've learned in a way that younger people can understand and apply to the changing world I have learned that kids even younger than six years old have social media now so being able to teach my future students at the elementary age level seems like a very important thing for me and then social media and parents it's equally important that parents understand social media parents with elementary age children likely didn't experience social media until later part of in life like me or haven't at all this might be a good chance to educate parents on social media and help them connect to and protect their relationships with their children this wouldn't necessarily be a lesson that I would use for children so it would be more of the adult relations that I have in the future and then media content and reality one thing that I find interesting is the process of development that children go through to differentiate reality versus fantasy there are several aspects of media content in reality so I might pick this as my main focus or use part of it in one of my other unit considerations and then my question regarding the topics is which of the three topics would you be most interested in learning more about so far I'm leaning towards social media and students but I'm curious about what you think here's a question recap in case you'd like to read through them again then thank you for watching

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