Media Literacy Explained

Media literacy is not only the ability to understand information being presented to us but also determining the best way to respond to it when we say media we're speaking about the way people communicate around the world whether it is through print radio and television the internet or new forms of media for the past century mass media has been produced by corporations or state entities that control the content and messages communicated to the public these organizations edit news advertising and other information before the public sees the final product new digital technologies such as social media allow for a new four-year flow of information no longer do we rely solely on one source of information but our information comes from a wide variety of sources in addition each and every person has the ability to contribute to the public exchange of knowledge of course the information that we receive may still be biased so it is important that we understand how messages are created and consumed in all forms of media this understanding is the definition of media literacy so how do we make sense of the diversity of information being presented to us at a faster pace than ever before we can do so by gathering analyzing and reflecting on the information so that we can better understand how and why a specific message is being delivered we can start by asking questions such as who created this message how is it constructed what is being left out what is their goal do I agree with what is being said is this message targeted to a local national or global audience who is intended for we can also look for information with diverse perspectives in order to produce thoughtful by doing so individuals are empowered to form their own opinions and are less likely to be swayed by the information they consume on a daily basis as individuals learn to evaluate information and media resources for themselves passive citizens and consumers are transformed into engaged and active participants of the knowledge economy

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  1. Nicely done video with a clear concept. How I could contact you concerning possible use of this video for educational purposes?

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