Media and Information Literacy Vlog-Pmi Colleges Bohol SHS

we're going to make a blog about Melia what are your perception about media for me my perception about media is you can get information give some example of example of like mobile phones because here's what I think we here's an event for social media like Facebook Twitter missing sir like all right and every show most of advancement of media Media the watchdog of the prevent because media reported but go back to it what brother I guess we're looking for someone this order to get an opinion about media [Applause] well for example what they mean and that was communication universe I saw sorceress that's obviously warm something for example and this is a new information understanding the information another example which is very even and which is very say effectiveness in maintaining a woman's honest but it's on how we use that meet that that that film disseminating language yes I have interpret Leo Kapono I'll judge before dinner and pass it on yourself and I've connected to me do I represent Bana that's all for today bye guys thank you for changing please don't forget to like and share

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