Measure and Record Respirations CNA Skill NEW

hello hi mr. Jonas my name is patty I'm your CNA today how are you great wonderful I need to get your vital signs is that okay yes I'm going to close your curtain for privacy let me go wash my hands get my supplies and I'll be right back okay okay mr. Jones this will take me about a minute I'll let you know when I'm done but I will need you to remain quiet during this time okay I'm just going to lay this on your stomach for just a moment okay ready start stop thank you very much mr. James is there anything else I can get for you while I'm here no thank you okay your call light is here if you would like anything just let me know can I get you a magazine before I go nothing okay I'm going to open your curtain and watch my man's in the document okay now I'll document my findings I'll review the steps of my scale make any Corrections until the evaluator my skill is done you

25 thoughts on “Measure and Record Respirations CNA Skill NEW”

  1. What if the patient asks you why are you counting his/her pulse again? Regardless you already done counting his/her pulse

  2. Do you know if we can use apple watches during the Florida exam? Or does it have to be a specific type of watch?

  3. This really gonna help me for my exam in two days have one question I think you have to wash your hands before placing the call night right?

  4. Some of the things done in the video aren’t on the steps for this skill, does that mean I can’t do them during my state test? I think placing an alcohol pad is a great idea but I don’t know if I’ll fail the skill by doing so…
    please help!

  5. Can we use our timer on our phone for this skill? How are we supposed to know when 1 minute is up?

  6. I recommend these videos to everyone who's trying to become a CNA. I passed this skill with flying colors thanks to your channel… Your amazing teacher and I'm a satisfied student ❤❤ #OnMyWayToBecomeACNA

  7. are you or are you not suppose to wash your hands after touching the pen? or when you documented should you wash your hands one more time before ending your skills?

  8. Is there any other item that can be used for this trick, just in case the testing site does not have these pads?

  9. what if I do this in california? The Red Cross folks said to do our skills like in the Red Cross Packet…this isnt in our RCPacket. will I fail if I do it like this? with the alcohol pad?

  10. Is it a new thing to put an alcohol pad on the person's stomach? Will Prometric really allow that technique ? Thank you for the video!

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