McGraw-Hill Education: MILESTONES

McGraw-Hill education's milestones is a powerful tool that allows students to experience life as it unfolds from infancy to adolescence this groundbreaking longitudinal video series tracks the development of real children as they progress through the early stages of physical social and emotional development in their first few weeks months and years of life assignable and accessible within connect psychology the milestones video series also includes videos and interviews with adolescents and adults to reflect not only child development but development through the entire lifespan by watching one child overtime or comparing various children milestones provides a unique experiential learning environment that can only be achieved by watching real human development as it happens all in pre transitional and post milestone segments with milestones students can apply course concepts to real human lives because children get more sophisticated as they get older the level of scaffolding that helps them learn best also become more sophisticated within milestones video clips are sortable by chapter child domain and period the 10 different children featured in the resource show students the individual variation in lifespan development across a range of real human subjects milestones part of a complete digital solution for your psychology classroom that includes online homework and quizzes reporting and assessment features and lecture capture contact your McGraw-Hill Education learning technology consultant to learn more

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