24 thoughts on “MBA vs Masters in Management: 11 Differences that matter”

  1. What about a M(Sc.)BA? Could you share your two cents?
    The difference in impact and reputation to the "MBA" seems largely unjustified.

  2. thanks, this gave me a lot of clarity. MiM for me, i see myself going the entrepreneurial route down the line instead of long term high position employee.

  3. This relieved a lot of stress for me. As I have studied in both programs and was not sure which course of action would be best for me!

  4. Where is the research based on because MBAs deal with numbers and figures versus management deals with people ans not a kick starter. Its just the approach on career. You may want to update the information

  5. Hello,

    Can you mention the universities offering this course and suitable for freshers profile?

    Divy Gupte

  6. To pursue Master's in Management , which of the following institution is better:
    – University of Zurich
    – Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
    – Louvain School of Management

  7. I want to do MBA in marketing. I did graduation from mechanical engineering. I have 3 years experience in my field. can I do MBA in Canada?

  8. should i do mba after my 3 years bachelor degree in business study ? or should i have work expirience before doing that ?

  9. hi..may i ask for ur guidance please? i have completed BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) this year and planning to go to Canada for post-graduation but i m little bit confused about wht course to choose.. i have no work experience too.. which option will be good for me? MBA OR MiM? and can u plss tell me if i need to do any other course if IN CASE i opt for MiM? bcoz i have interest in HR Field ..so do i need to DO any specialised course in HR after doing MiM???

  10. Hey MiM Essay, i want to held up a start-up. I've several amazing plans and ideas. I do have enough technical knowledge but i'm not at all good at business. I mean there is lot to be learnt about the business. please suggest me if any of the post graduate programmes would help me learn it. If yes also please suggest me the right programme that would help me to be a successful entrepreneur. You can also contact me at [email protected]

  11. Can you elaborate: 
    1. MiM courses with specific focus on marketing (preferably digital marketing)?
    2. Details on masters of marketing vs masters in management?

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