MBA CET 2019: How to Handle the Critical Reasoning Section Strategy

okay hi everyone this is my favorite
topic we are gonna talk about critical reasoning today this is a topic most of the people dont know about, most institutes while teaching this topic they call it an exception even in any books if u check the answers for the same question will be different CR is a very important topic when it comes to exams like CAT,CET,NMAT,GRE,SNAP,GMAT todays session is going to be scientific so watch it closely till the end i am a verbal teacher but i take all my lectures in english, nevertheless there are few rules of CR, ill explain the others later, remember this one first called ADNL when translated to english it says dont use your brain so you might think how would we answer if we dont use our brains ill list you the rules just keep those in mind, you'll never ever go wrong whether its GMAT,GRE or any other competitive exam today ill talk specifically for CET why CR is important? if you go to any top business school you pickup any HBR review magazine aswell, youll find lots of case studies and you've to reason them out critically infact if you go to harvard or stanford or even if you go to IIM's or JBIMS, day and night you have to reason out case studies critically and then theres another of my rules that says what you see is not what it actually is to explain this i will give you 3 examples which will open the doors of your brains im giving you only 3 examples is because you should have more ways to reason when you get the actual questions number 1: what are assumptions? if youve not watched the previous video, hold this and go watch it first it means something that is unstated, you maybe asked what is the weakening or strengthening of argument today were doing assumptions, its something that is always unstated, its never going to be written students think its like RC's they see that author has written about bhagat singh and his endeavors and think they can mark it mahatma gandhis dandi march movement helped us? theres dandi march in the options? you mark it? no! its wrong its not RC, its finding the assumption unstated, that wont be written there, thats always the answer number 1: how to find them, there are 3 ways — casual, analogy and start assumption im getting a bit scientific here, im bringing the learnings from GRE,GMAT to the real CET paper number 1: casual assumptions, what are the other causes, listen carefully, whenever i wear my blue shirt, people like me let me ask something, is it my blue shirt that makes people like me yes or no? answer is no because it could be my green suit, my pink tie or my black button with my blue shirt which are actually helping me or it could be the VA lecture which could give me a like on the video its not always the blue shirt, remember the rule what you see is not what it always is like, hold on a statement is thrown to you, when youre finding assumptions always look for what are the other causes in that if you find the other reasons for it only then you should mark it, number 1 thing for the day: if you wanna find assumption, find its other causes in short i call these 3 CAS, now lets do analogy, this is my favorite for an ace cosmetic company, give me any name for a lipstick company, i think its Mac or lakme, whatever monkeys were tested positive for cancer since im a scientist, i put my lab coat and i have 10 monkeys infront of me, i apply lipstick on them monkeys are strolling inside the lab now, and after 6 months i notice they got cancer can i say, humans should not use the same product? can i say that since monkeys got cancer, its unsafe for humans, yes or no? the answer is no, monkeys got cancer, not humans, always compare apples to apples, always compare oranges to oranges always compare fruits to fruits, people dont keep such things in mind you cant use general examples everywhere you'll understand this once you give the real critical reasoning questions of CAT & CET number 3, stat assumptions. 9 out of 10 students, recommend CATKing you should join CATKing, yes or no? think hard, okay the answer is, no why? because 9 out of 10 doesnt mean 90% these 9 out of 10 can be my neice, my uncle, my cousins friend, my students, or my family members kids, etc theres an ad by sensodine saying 9 out of 10 doctors recommend it, all of it is false if it was written 9 out of every 10 now tell me, does it mean 90%? yes it does the word every means anybody on this planet i was thinking about the ads in newspapers saying 9 out of 10 people recommend CATKing, you should join too and along with a star marked and theyd write to know more attend the CR class these 3 are just the start of CR i had asked you guys if you want more of such sessions this is my favorite topic to teach people because no one knows much about it so listen carefully i was thinking about making videos daily for people who are going to attend CET now, i was thinking of launching a CET daily series before that you need to tell me if youre understanding it or no so that i know im not wasting my efforts, and rest kids giving mocks ill recommend those who have CATKing mocks that are prepared by JBIMS students you have 50 mocks out of which first 30 are segregated based on their difficulty if youve planned on a set amount of mocks to give after giving the mocks, revise the rules, there are more 10 rules that ill be making videos on after doing that jump into your mocks and after mocks sit and revise all of your CR questions and make a notebook with your own rules i have a favorite example thats a dog vs cat example that says dogs will crack CET or cats will? have you ever seen a dog cross the street? hes very confused if he wants to cross or no and when he does hes hit by a car how does a cat cross? it shows its elegance to people saying im crossing the street theres even a saying that a cat has crossed the road which is superstitious be a cat when youre preparing for CET, if you want to get into JBIMS you need to be elegant dont be confused about giving mocks, just be a cat and solve the mocks thank you so much everyone, i hope you enjoyed the lesson do click the subscribe button, ive planned to make 100+ videos i want to have 50,000 subscribers in the next 3 months, that is my aim many people complain that my CET daily videos aren't reaching them its because you're not clicking the bell icon

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