Mayor’s Minutes: City Council Recap for Oct. 15

This is mayor Ron Anders with the mayor’s
minutes from the October 15 2019 Auburn City Council meeting. We began during the
committee the whole last night by making three appointments to the Auburn tree
Commission we appointed Seth Hunt Jennifer Morris and Donna Young to the
tree Commission their terms will begin in November of this year and will end in
November of 2022 so we appreciate all three of those citizens agreeing to
serve the Auburn tree Commission and their great work we thank those who are
retiring from the tree Commission and thank you for your service to the City
of Auburn we nominated Jay Connor to the Lee County
Board of Equalization actually the Alabama Department of Revenue will
confirm his appointment but the city did nominate Jay. Jay’s done a great job. Oline Price revenue commissioner for Lee County asked us to reappoint Jay and I
thank Jay for his service over there so that takes us through the committee of
the whole as we got into the agenda last night one of the first things we did was
recognize that Auburn is now a Purple Heart City Purple Heart cities raise
awareness and recognition of all veterans especially the Purple Heart
recipients and so we are very proud of all the veterans here we encourage you
to come to our Veterans Day ceremony in November and participate in that but the
Purple Heart recipients are certainly unique veterans and the city and the
University in the county and our neighboring sister city in Opelika have
all decided to come together and recognize our Purple Heart recipients in
the area so thank you to all veterans thank you specifically here to Purple
Heart Award winners for the ultimate sacrifice that many of you have paid
on behalf of our country and we’re very proud to recognize you and we’re very
proud to work with all of our veterans here in the community as we got into the
agenda last night we had some board announcements I’d like to make you aware
of the Parks and Rec Advisory Board has two vacancies coming up the Building
Board of Adjustments has three vacancies coming up and the education building
Authority has one vacancy coming up all of these we’ll be making in our meetings
in the month of November so if you’re interested I ask you to go to the city’s
website and fill out an application you might want to let your council
representative know that you’re interested and we will be making those
appointments next month related to boards and commissions
for the first time ever the City of Auburn is hosting a boards and
commissions Fair on October the 22nd and I encourage you to go by if you have any
curiosity or interest about what a particular board a commission might do
what is their job description how often do they meet ultimately what your
authority is this is your time to go and meet all the particulars and meet all
the people who oversee those boards and commissions and understand exactly where
you might can fit in in this community we are trying to open this process up to
attract as many members of our city and as diversified members of our city as
possible so people to understand that these are opportunities for you to
ultimately serve your community so please go to that Fair if it’s
available on your calendar and ask questions and see if you have a place
that you can fit in in the City of Auburn in the future as we went
into the consent agenda last night we approved an alcohol beverage license
with B&B bartending for the Beta Theta Pi parents day which is November the
1st we also approved a tax abatement for ID plastics and again we are continuing
to be very proud of our economic development efforts we have had just a
wonderful year of capital investment expansion and new companies coming to
Auburn this is a high-tech German company that has got some very unique
technology with plastic containers the governor actually made this announcement
on Monday and we did approve an abatement for them last night for ID
plastics ultimately they’ll have 50 jobs and almost ten million dollars invested
in our community and we just thank them for considering Auburn and we thank our
economic development team for all the great work that they continue to do on
behalf of the citizens each and every day to bring great jobs to our area
under contracts and agreements we approved a pickup truck for the
engineering services department we approved some new gutters for the
Sanford pool and that pool has got some age on it and so it takes maintenance
each and every year to keep it up and keep it proper and during the off season
is the best time to do a lot of that work we approved a new tractor for the
Parks and Rec Department we approved new lighting for the Duck Samford baseball
fields fields 8 through 10 we aproved the lighting and the installation of the
lights the lighting was two hundred fifty seven
thousand dollars in the installation is 41 thousand dollars anyway this is just part of our overall upgrade of our parks and rec
facilities and certainly this is new technology and
certainly better lights for our children to play ball on this spring we approved
a repair to the stream bank of the Town Creek Park thirty six thousand dollars
out there where the the dam and the creek come together there’s some erosion
we’ve been needing to do this for a while it has actually been cut off from
the citizens to be able to go and enjoy this part of town Creek Park and so we approved the expenditure last night and we’ll hope to get that repaired soon
and we also purchased a couple of trucks for the Public Works Department and
we’re proud to do that all of these purchases are part of our budget none of
these were emergency type of purchases these are all things that have been well
planned for now a couple years we have about seven items on easements and
right of ways I will not get into that but certainly if you want to understand that
and see that please go to the city’s website and you can get all the
information where those easements and right of ways agreements are. Under
ordinances we approved a franchise agreement with point broadband
out of Opelika for cable services and Internet services we’re very excited
about their entry into the Auburn market from where I sit I want to make sure
that all the citizens in Auburn have good internet and good cable service if
that’s what they need certainly as our community continues to grow there are
areas of our town where that is stretched and stressed and people have
reached out to us over the years and said that they’ve had a very difficult time
obtaining these services and so to have another provider in our market place we
hope that this will help continue to provide great service for all of our new
citizens in new houses and new neighborhoods ultimately we hope the
point will cover most of our city they do have a couple of planned build outs in
phase one and phase two that you can receive that information off the city’s
website but we’re proud to have them in our town and I applaud the attorneys from
Point and the attorneys from the City of Auburn for working hard together to get
a franchise agreement that we can all work with and we look forward to their
good work we approved a couple of annexations
was one acre out on a 505 Lee Road 10 and the second one was 3.3 acres at 2452 Lee Road 159 this is near Wright’s Mill Road both of these
are contiguous piece of properties that already touched the City of Auburn and
so the Planning Commission and the City Council ultimately voted to bring these
in we approved some zoning ordinance text amendments last night the primary
purpose of these amendments is to integrate street classifications from
the engineering design and construction manual with the corridor overlay area
regulations and so this is just a clean up procedure that the planning staff
felt like we needed to complete and certainly the Planning Commission did as
well and the City Council ultimately approved that last night very difficult
decision the council had last night was the rezoning determination of property
that’s located at 2826 Cox Road from a rural designation to a CDD designation
which means comprehensive development district ultimately the council passed
this at a 5-3-1 vote with one abstention I appreciate every citizen
that lives out there that came and and talked to us last night and that we have
talked to over the last week certainly we heard from the
representative from mr. Kahn who’s the developer of this piece of property this is
a piece of property that’s located next to another commercial piece of property and
there are residents that live nearby it was a very difficult decision for me
personally I believe it was a very difficult decision for the council
ultimately I believe that the vision of Auburn’s future is what led to the five
members of the council to to vote to approve this rezoning we will consider a
conditional use for what will actually be going on on this piece of
property later on this year and certainly it is very important for the
owner of this piece of property to display to the council and to the
citizens that he will put the kind of barriers in place that prevent his
business and his property from being a difficulty to those that are living
nearby once again I appreciate everybody who
came last night to speak to this and that I have I’ve talked to over the last
couple of days you’ve all handled yourself in a first-class
Manor this was again a very difficult decision we looked at a rezoning from East Glenn investment properties which this is a
property located at the southwest corner of East Samford Avenue and East Glen
Avenue this was a change of a PDD from a conditional use—a commercial use to an
institutional use and so basically what’s happened here is instead of it
being a commercial use or a multifamily use it’s going to be assisted living and
and so the council the Planning Commission unanimously approved this and
so did the council last night and so you’ll have an assisted living
facility that will be located in and around that area right there as you see
Glenn Avenue and Samford Avenue come together near Auburn high school my
personal belief is assisted living homes facilities will be needed in Auburn in
the future as we continue to grow with a retiree population and just a general
population and this will be a low traffic generator and will be a great
neighbor to all of those that are out in that area and should blend in well in
the resolutions last night we looked at a RV park located at 341 Willis Turk
Road the applicant was Robert Oglesby ultimately the council voted for this 8
to 1 Mayor Pro Tem Beth Witten voted against this I believe there will be 14
RV Lots built into this location Continuing on with resolutions Lagasse
construction brought to us a performance residential development two ADDU’s
which is an academic detached dwelling unit in the neighborhood redevelopment
district which is located at 321 and 325 Canton Avenue ultimately the council
failed this with a 7 to 2 vote and I can’t speak for all the council
personally but I would tell you based on health and welfare of the neighborhood
that the council felt like that there were enough ADDU’s in this area and
that there was no reason to bring more to this this particularly neighborhood
and so ultimately it failed and then the council tabled last night a potential
private dormitory at the corner of Armstrong Street and Samford Avenue the
exact location is 355 Armstrong Street there is a a residential unit there now
there would be a pretty dramatic change there the council ultimately figured—
thought that they did not have enough information to pass this last night and
so we have asked the planning staff and the city staff to
bring us some more information so we can consider this at our November the 5th
meeting so this was tabled last night and I would ask you to look for more
information on this in the future under announcements just a few things I’d like
to remind everybody of is the Lake Wilmore Community Center open house is
on October the 30th if you’d like to know more about what is planned with the
Lake Wilmore and you might have some ideas about that or express some
concerns so please attend that open house
downtown trick-or-treat once again will be on Halloween night October the 31st
so please bring your child to downtown Auburn and a costume and we’ll have a
lot of fun down here the Pine Hill Cemetery tours the next two nights on
Thursday and Friday and we appreciate the Heritage Association and everything
they do to bring the rich history of Auburn to life at the Pine
Hill Cemetery the next evening we have
Orchestra at the Oaks which is the community Orchestra will be performing
here in downtown Auburn we’re very excited about that and certainly
Thursday night is Tipoff at Toomer’s where coach Pearl and coach Flo will
kick off their basketball seasons with a limited practice down here but it should
be a lot of fun and finally I’d like to remind everybody of the state of the
city the Auburn’s first ever state of the city that we’ll be doing on October
the 28th and the Gogue Performing Arts Center right after work you can come
have a light refreshments the agenda will—the program will start at 5:30 and
will not last I promise past an hour at the very most
we’ll talk about Auburn’s future Auburn’s present Auburn’s difficulties and
Auburn’s opportunities and we’ll also recognize some special people who have
done some great things to make Auburn a better place this is mayor Ron Anders
thank you for being a part of the mayor’s minutes for October the 15th
2019 have a great week

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