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Good morning madame Good morning students sit down Thank you madame Today we will study mathematics What is that? means maths She is saying maths, maths Madame I have brought my maths book Very good You do not even know what maths is but you got the maths book great What should I do? If I do not know that Keep quiet Madame he fights with me a lot keep quiet You hit him today keep quiet say it to her in hindi (indian language) Tell her to stay quiet in hindi Madame he teases me because he knows english If I do not know english it is not my fault Madame you did not teach her english properly in the last class that is why she does not know english keep quiet What class is it right now? Maths Take out your home work Yes say Madame you will not scold for anything that I did not do No why will I scold Madame you are very nice Welcome Take out your homework What? Take out your homework Homework? Are you talking to me? Yes I am talking to you Madame I did not do my homework Why? Stand up Why didn’t you do your homework? You are the worst student of my class Go stand in the back Madame But you just said that you will not scold me for anything I did not do I did not do my home work So why are you scolding me? You are trying to be over smart no madame I am already a little smart Go stand in the back See madame yes coming he always keeps on complaining about me You do not know english Madame he teases me a lot you also take out your home work Should I give you an invitation? No madame I did my homework take the copy ok, I will check it later keep it aside She did not do it madame that is fake Madame I did my homework You can check it I never lie No madame she is giving you an empty copy madame I do not lie Did I ask you? Did you do it? No Madame what is his problem he always Keep quiet Keep quiet I will hit you otherwise Ok, tell me what is half of 8? can I come to the board? ok, come here Do you know? madame the 8 can have two halves If we half it from here then we get 2 zeros that is wrong and if if we half it from here then we will get one 3 and one opposite 3 that is wrong too you tell the correct answer madame I do not know but this wrong Even she does not know, but it is correct double zero madame maybe what are you counting here? madame he does not studies nor does he lets me study I am trying to do half of 8 Madame it will take her a year you continue on Madame what do you mean by half? keep quiet Madame just tell you what do you call half in hindi? Then I will do it You know what you call half in hindi? What? Double madame 16 Right answer You do not know english and you maths Madame you only teach both of those things keep quiet This type of behaviour will not be allowed in my class Half of 8 is 4 He told me double If he would have said half, I would have answered I knew the answer My dad taught me last night He came and asked me in the morning See I do not want extra smart kids like you 5th standard kids are better than you If you want to study, do it nicely or leave In 5th standard? Outside to home I will not go not even me ok, tell me what is 4 plus 5 Madame 5 plus 4 that was the question only she is asking the answer Do not repeat the question 5 plus is equals to 9 Madame you taught this yesterday too 6 plus 3 is equals to 9 And madame before that you taught 7 plus 2 is 9 Madame you keep on changing the answers so then what will we do Madame that is wrong you keep changing the answers everyday 9, 5 plus 4 is also 9 6 plus 3 is also 9 7 plus 2 is also 9 that is wrong this is what happens in maths yes, learn what I teach ok She is teaching wrong That is correct Madame 5 plus 4 is 9 right? you sure? Yes, she just taught it So then 5 plus 4 is also 54 Which planet is she from? Madame dad explained it to me last night only that 1 plus 1 can be 2 and 11 also How can it be 11? 1 and 1 See madame that is 11 See Great, you have such a great mind No one can argue with you Yes madame you are right Madame we always win in sports too keep quiet Is this games class? no, so then madame you never let us be happy Whenever we laugh, you just say keep quiet You all just keep quiet keep quiet, keep quiet Why? Madame is telling us to stay quiet, so stay quiet quiet Madame I have 1 question Ask me Why is 9 afraid of 7 Why is 9 afraid of 7? I do not know I am asking a logical qusetion why did you started counting? You tell the answer if you know Why is 9 afraid of 7? How would I know? Madame because 7 8 (ate) 9 What 7 8 9? Madame teach it to her in next class She would have not understood it So Why is he asking an english question during maths class So that he can insult me Madame continue, she will keep on going Now we will study multiplication madame tell her it’s meaning multiplication’s Madame I know my Dad taught me last night only Now I will tell you OK, tell me if 1000kg is equals to 1 ton then 3000kg is equals to how many tons? I know that madame She asked about 3 why are you counting to 10 Madame He never does his question he just keeps on cheating from me madame he is sleeping during class, and not studying Madame she is taking so long to answer Then you give the answer I know the answer, but she asked you Madame first ask him then I will tell you So you tell the answer madame the answer is ton ton ton Huh? That is wrong madame 1000ks is 1 ton 3000kg 3 times ton ton ton ton That is called 3 ton not ton ton ton Madame, whether you right 3 ton or ton ton ton, it is the same thing Madame 3 ton I know now Sure madame 3 ton Now I know it for sure my dad taught it to me last night Respect to his father Yes you should respect him he teaches me everyday at night forget multiplication we will do addition yes madame that is easier left it it was in her hand ok, tell me you have how many rupees right now? 10 ok 10, why are you counting that Madame continue and your father gave you 100Rs. now count count, count and your mother gave you 50 rupees yes, madame nice we are getting so much pocket money So how much do you have? tell me? you tell madame 10 you do not even know that madame you do not know my mother when she will know, that father gave me 100 rupees she will take that 100 and her 50 also So what am I left with? 10 You do not know my mother she is a very big miser Madme was thinking she will answer 160 She made it into 10 What? 160 Yes, he is right it is wrong madame 10 Do you have them all Why do you tease her always Madame look at her and then this keep quiet she is telling you Madame you said it to him I am telling both of you Ok so I am going to ask you 1 question and if you give the right answer you will get a nice surprise Ask madame I am going to win Suppose I gave you 2 apple then 2 more then 2 more then how many do you have? yes say, madame 7 You were counting 6 like this how is it 7 then? leave it, I will ask it again I gave you 2 rupees and then 2 rupees again and then 2 rupees again then how many is it? 6 If this 6 rupees, then why was it 7 apples Madame my mother also gave 1 apple She should get an award for the biggest mathematician of the world Everyone understood and two more Madame he at my apple Put down the apple madame it will get dirty keep it on the bag You have an answer to every question Madame you were the one asking for answer so we gave you the answer she is answering again This is called answering back that good students should not do my father taught me this last night Madame she will hit me ok, stop stop now This is your last question, answer this or else I will leave Suppose In one basket there are 10 mangoes How many? 10 How many? From that 2 get rotten rotten means, gone bad I know that So how many are left? 10 madame There were 2 mangoes in the basket 2 get rotten so how 10 will be left? Madame 10 will be left How tell me? Madame the ones that are rotten have they converted to bananas They are still mangoes that is logical madame You should be the maths teacher from tomorrow you will be really good at it Madame I have a last question for you You also ask It looks like you are my teacher instead of me Madame what is the full form of maths Mathematics no no that is full name short name is maths full name mathematics, but full form of maths is? There is no full form it is just called mathematics there is one madame what? What is it? Mentally abled teacher harassing students Keep quiet If you liked today’s video hit the like button but today we were very rude to our teacher but we should not do this in real life this was just for the comedy video and maths is a very nice subject I like it very much and it is Pihu’s favourite too but not mine seriously not

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