Shalom everyone so today I wanted to do a quick introduction to this program called math detectives now this is something that I had picked up at my local teachers store and I wanted to give it a try I liked the content of it and I just wanted to share this with you now here are the things that it covers analysis and synthesis reading writing tables graphs charts number and numeration patterns operation geometry and spatial sense probability and statistics and this is for grades 3 and 4 this is part of the critical thinking series so there are many different books related to critical thinking and the different subjects related to critical thinking in this book series so it's not only math that you will see and I will show you those in a little while now over here is the table of contents so over here you have what is math detective when to use math detective grade three and form math standards reading enough written explanations thinking cap questions now math detectives will improve skills in mathematics critical thinking and reading and writing the problems are short easy and fun problems are drawn from the standards grades 3 & 4 as outlined as outlined by National Council of teachers for grades 3 & 4 in mathematics problems and solutions involve critical thinking and careful reading of text charts graphs and tables students are required to explain their answers in thinking and writing so students are asked to support their answers frequently with evidence which cannot be uncovered by scanning the text but rather it requires an in-depth analysis of the the charts and of the materials that they have which is really really good I'm just showing you the scoring rubric assessment to the students sample problem so here are the critical thinking books in this entire series so they cover reading grammar punctuation spelling and vocabulary they also care so cover up math and science and they have the CDs as well okay to accompany it and they have logic anything logic thinking and this is what it looks like so once we get into this book I do plan on using this book within the next couple of weeks so once we really get into this book I will come back and do a review on it and just to give you an update and let you guys know how we are enjoying this book I thank you for watching stay tuned for more


  1. we had this book two years ago!! loved it! the music in the background sounds really nice. tfs bea8

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