Master's programme in Linguistics

the master's program in linguistics is focused at all aspects of language structure and language use we have a very broad perspective on language here in Nijmegen in the master's program some of our students come from Nijmegen and did their bachelor program here we also see students from elsewhere in Europe and far beyond this year we had students for instance from Canada from Mexico and from China well the program in America was very diverse I really liked that I had the opportunity to make it my master and really to choose what kind of courses I wanted to follow the various strengths in the program cater for different student interests international students don't need to worry about the language problem there's Dutch peoples English are really good about University has excellent research facilities for linguists for instance here in the video lab we make recordings of sign language used by deaf people so students have a lot of contacts with the researchers in our program there's a large variety of research groups on the now making campus but also at the Max Planck Institute is like a linguistics for instance and then there's the domeless Institute for Neuroscience which also hosts a lot of linguistics researchers students can do internships in each of these research groups the teaching staff in the Linguistics program mirrors the national variety among the research groups the large variety of research groups also hosts researchers from all across the world and these are represented in the teaching staff of our program yeah I do I recommend this program to the future students I really like the fact that I knew both students and teachers personally and I had the feeling that I could ask questions whether I wanted or visit them if I didn't understood something and named it is just a beautiful city I do shopping I cook for my firm's I also do sports in the Sports Center I do straight as even I'm not good dancer I just can't say my life years it's really like what I expected when I came before I came even beyond my expectation gives me a lot I have learned not only in quest

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  1. Dear, I am Muhammad Shakeel age 39. I am bachelor of commerce and I have diploma in linguistics. I want to get admission in Master in Linguistics into your university….As well as I have A2 certificate in German language. Kindly guide me about admission procedure into your university. Muhammad Shakeel Lahore Pakistan.

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