16 thoughts on “Masters in Social Work”

  1. If you’re non clinical can you cross over? Like from children youth and family to therapy after receiving licensing

  2. Hello! I hope You Notice My Comment. My Question is If I choose Social Worker what Strand should I choose that related to be S.W ?

  3. Im soooooo glad I found your channel! I’m currently in college trying to decide if a bachelor in psychology would benefit or bachelors in social work will benefit me.. and watching your videos have really helped me answer questions I had

  4. I just get accepted to an MSW Program! 😭✨ I’m REALLY excited and nervous at the same time. Im looking for all of the advice I could get. ❤️ Great video!

  5. I’m currently doing my bachelors degree in social work and just found your channel. It’s really motivating, Thank you!

  6. I also interested social work…
    Present iam working on trible education..in India.. Maharashtra State…in near Mumbai..Sahyadri vally … trible people…who is very long for develop community……who is interested… contact me .. connect me… please we coperative this poor and non educated people .. trible……by cast…Thakur..varli..katiri..ect..

  7. Can you make a video about the Salary’s / Hourly Pay making after graduating with a BSW? And what type of job a social worker does like is it mostly paper work ?

  8. Great video! I'm about to start my MSW program in the fall and am excited but nervous. Do you have any tips on how to "survive" a masters program? (how to study in grad school, what an MSW program is like, how to balance schoolwork with self-care, etc) Thank you so much!

  9. I am a first year master of social work student in Australia! I found your channel and love your style and what energy you put out into the universe!

  10. Great video! Sadly, I'm slowly getting turned off and thinking of switching to counseling/LPC instead- it's been frustrating to say the least 😑😕

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