22 thoughts on “Mastering the Mathematics Knowledge Section of the ASVAB: Guided Practice”

  1. i swear your the best i didn't understand nothing but you made it simple for me and now i understand the material thank you bro

  2. These late night study sessions. 4am and i go to talk to a recruiter 2marrow XD. Dont think i ever studied b4 so this is a first, But im dedicated so we shall see. Btw ur actually a god with explaining all of these problem the hard part is just remembering the formulas.

  3. Was curious on the 2nd to last question of the math part. 3.14×49. Ect.. I was wondering how you got the 12560 part. Idk where the zero came from in that equation? Please let me know anytime

  4. Thx for these videos I want to make at least a 50 on my asvab I’m finishing my last year of high school but the asvab math is a little different than trigonometry 😂. This jogging my memory

  5. i failed my asvab a few months back and your videos have so much helpful information thanks man for taking time out of your day to make these videos i will be using your videos as a study guide until my next test date and hopefully i pass thanks.

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