45 thoughts on “MASTER Z: IP MAN LEGACY Trailer (2019)”

  1. This movie is AWESOME!!! I didn’t know I knew I needed another IP Man movie so bad, especially without Donnie Yen but my man Max Zhang definitely held it down against Batista!!!

  2. don't you Chinese had enough martial art movies already?!?! it become so boring.
    we already seen everything.
    move on with your life

  3. This movie is really missing something… I wonder what it is

    Oh yeah there’s no Donnie Yen crap!

    People say ahh sh*t here we go again cuz there’s a new Ip Man movie, but they quickly realize that there’s no Donnie Yen and quickly turn they’re heads from this movie (I’m just kidding BTW)😂

  4. lol, Batista… Just as ridiculous as Ip Man vs Mike Tyson. There's a reason why weight classes exist in MMA.

  5. Mau nonton film full ya silakan masuk kechanel saya..
    Jng lupa subscribe,like komentar dan dan ketik tombol bell.
    Katna itu gratis..

  6. I saw this in theaters and it was amazing. The characters, settings, storyline, everything was well thought out and portrayed superbly.

  7. What the Heck? Somebody please tell me why Dr Phil is the main bad guy in this movie! LOL.
    Bautista, do yourself a great justice and get rid of the 'stache!

  8. Watched it and… it sucks really hard.
    This is anti-american propaganda shit.
    Scenario & fights are horible.
    Can't understand how they can rip Ipman's style like that.
    If you liked Ipman, don't watch it

  9. Batista is rly bad as actor… idk why they take this guy
    There are like 10 catchers who could acting way better than him
    And with a better shaped body, he's getting old and fat

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