Master Your Energy – Master Teacher Les Brown

43 thoughts on “Master Your Energy – Master Teacher Les Brown”

  1. Thanks for the improvement under standing English language and learning as a student. Thanks a lot for your help me. Please teach me always. Thanks.

  2. I listen to this man everyday all day long! This man is an inspiration to everyone that hears him speak. Thank you Mr. Brown for answering the call to serve humanity😊.

  3. Les Brown I do listen to you every day. It have been now 4 yrs since I discovered you. I do like your motivation speeches. To speak the truth you have made me to aim high. I do live a good life now than before, and I am heading to a financial break through. Thank you so much Les. You're my mentor even I have not meet you.

  4. This man changed my life a while ago. Now I always feel so emotional when I listen to his speeches. Thanks Les… You are more than blessed. You can't imagine the impact you have on people's lives

  5. As a child I went to see Jimmy Swaggart. My Grandma told her brother, who was an Evangelist in California, that I would go to sleep during the sermon and insisted that he not get upset. He replied, "It's fine if he sleeps. He's at his most receptive in that state of mind, because he can't consciously reject the message if he's unconscious." I say that to say this. I not only listen during the day, but I wear headphones and listen in my sleep.

  6. Thank you for your motivation and your teachings. Here I am, heading toward a better future! Thank you Les Brown

  7. one of the greatest man with very powerful words that ever lived…i cant get tired of listening to this man……kudos les

  8. Yes Les you still have it. I'm so proud of you and am glad to have heard this motivation to awaken to.🌟🌟🌟🌟✨

  9. He always make me tear when he says Mama when I become a man I will buy you a house like this THANK YOU

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