he says I saw you at Africa TV when you had one viewer and I requested you as a friend because in Korea you are an English teacher okay and he says he believes in me to carry you this is what you guys have all been waiting for me and a random Platt to guide that I added six years ago we are gonna funnel and you guys are gonna like it how to funnel as master do you have stun Oh baby look at that look at this awesome funnel content here you can't have funnel without it yeah Oh God the enemy mid scummy and didn't meatballs coming I'm going this way don't worry bro save me tarik I got a funnel yeah fun oo p fuck that like that oh okay okay okay alright right right you need my help we're funneling this is so weird being selfish and greedy alright yeah I gotta I gotta go get some some stacks man I'm coming back soon don't worry alright now we dive alright you thinking what I'm thinking mr. Tarek No apparently not probably not damn it hey we were almost on the same page we are almost on the same page sir almost alright I'm ready to get a legitimate dive down here see here's a problem with funnel is I always feel like I'm like not spending enough time in the lane like I'm funneling but I have less CS than the mid laner right because I'm busy I have to do what junglers do I can't just like stop being a jungler I don't know how people do it but you know see Oh nobody got dragon hog like I've never been a good funnel er but hey I'm getting a lot of kills right I've never been good at funneling because I'm not I'm not a selfish player I'm not a selfish Blair I mean I'm selfish but I'm not like that selfish you should take it did you have no mana you have no mana you have no mana you have no mana we could go back to mid I have full mana buddy ah like come on you should have that right I know I should take everything but he has no mana if he took mana we could go and kill mid no like I feel like you know the 90 gold just ain't worth they compared to the 300 gold I'm about to get what do I know well I know I don't need no Tarek oh shit oh shit Tarek save me daddy yeah Tarek you got some of that they're all no that's okay that's okay you're close that was pretty good Tarek that's pretty good I got a lot of money this is a free win I am I am hella gonna carry this game I mean you know I got let's see yes Thunder midlaner but I got eight kills you gotta realize the reason why I'm not csing so good guys it's because I am a master at farming kills exactly why okay now we can probably just get rid of Gerald and push to win haha I felt like I've been pretty busy throughout the game I never felt like I wasn't farming correctly we didn't even play that good we still want it like at this point making just afk pushman lane if we really wanted to but I kind of want my jungle a lot of ways to jungle a lot of ways to jungle guys all right time to go get that red buff I'm expecting dozens l to be here wait what the fuck get on my level Jesus he and already that's kinky but I'm sitting on like 3.6 K gold right now and I have no are Oh daddy all right I only got 13 out of 18 kills my boys we got a des dance you know the death dance will give Tarek more time to alt me right and Plus during me all I'll take all that mitigated damage so I feel like me and this tarik really aren't even like abusing assault that much alright alright alright alright catching up with that CS air we're gonna push this one down and we should hopefully get a pencil here alright thank wait what's up she afk all she bought and that ladies and gentlemen is how you play funnel Master Yi Master Yi hog to the point where you forced them to afk like the madman we are Hey come back here you're dead you tried he really did never stop farming until you're done farming that made more sense of my head honestly remember what happens you give the best mastery in the world some farm and he pops off boys he pops off I don't need your old bro okay fair I did no damage come on now nice clearly I need more items clearly I need more items all right oh they surrendered ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen that's how we do it that is to power a funnel master ye see it isn't all about the CS sometimes it's about killing a bunch of people which is fair fair and balanced

41 thoughts on “MASTER YI FUNNEL IS BACK? – Cowsep”

  1. Hey guys I am playing in eune plat elo currently playing with d2 because of mmr looking for some duo for funneling or boosting hard. Add me IGN : You go mid i top

  2. Champs IMO that are OP/broken and needs some form of NERF (no this isnt troll, its my true unbiased opinion and in no particular order): Vayne(3rd attack), Lux (bind), Ahri(charm), Zed( high mobility to dodge attacks), GangPlank(ability to clear debuffs) Quinn(ults mobility too high), Aatrox's ult (remove revive), Lee sin (mobility/shielding). Morde (cc effects and ability to single out a target), renekton (slightly reduce the stun and how much his passive rage dmg generates.)

    I may come back to this comment to refine it 😀

  3. I have a good funnel idea but don't have friends to do it with T_T. The Comp is.
    Jungle: Master yi
    Mid: lulu
    Bot and supp: Taric and yummi
    Top: Kayle
    From this both yi and Kayle can 1v5 due to so much support

  4. I have a problem with garena manual patch. After updating lol it was supposed to turn Red text PLAY from GREEN text UPDATE but it stayed Green. I'm commenting dis cuz rito is no help like great service support it's very fukin helpful.

    Go Yi Master cowsep!

  5. This is why i take exhaust or ghost on velkoz because of fed ad carries like master yi or katarina or ADRc..

    Supports now a days are garbage.. Always takes heal.. Supports in season 4 5 6 are really good players..
    Not in season 8 and 9
    60% of supports now a days are totally garbage!!!

  6. Thằng lz nào đặt tiêu đề clip cho cowsep thì dừng ngay tao nhờ. Làm thì làm cho đàng hoàng, đừng có mà nhảm 🙂

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