Manny got to have balls the size of elephant to come back home after what he did I told you boy coffee here to come what do you see what this fool gave his mom y'all man [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what's up y'all that's my partner coffee we've been down like two left shoes since high school we so different that we got a lot in common I mean I don't take no shit and a boy like to joke a lot but that's the homie I mean you mess with him and you mess with me being a repo man ain't no joke puttan but it's a lot of excitement your this job keeps me going every day let me give you a little secret you need to make your car payment only take your shit simple as that you see I'm good at what I do and I make the best out of it my name is teeth I'm a repo man no bullshit me hating this goddamn job the fuck are you you you punk bitch ma you know what you better write about it with that bullshit you know something you know only me got no name after a breath mint but you still smell like shit mmm she don't say no word were s's fucking to you perpetuate nas need some water good you need something shit go drink some water all your black bastard you just mad cuz a motherfuckin repo joash from Africa fuck you get kicked out of Africa and keep thinking doing something walking on this big ass change fucked up a swatch and I seen your broke-ass name on and listening back to you have one last car payment left this is you miss that shit i'm repo'ing your shit motherfucker you fucking to you perpetratin ass nigga no manners no hand this with mr. Ennis give me a minute yeah and text me later on to and remind me to kick the shit out your ass after work you punk Beach welcome as long as shirt like a fucking dress and the buttons on the left hand side to that means the fucking blouse you bitch-ass nigga fuck you fuck you big ass space between your goddamn teeth like one chief is Crips and out of my rooms they don't get along joke dirty air you know black is dirty boo Mia's motherfucker in Africa look how rich broke nigga – wait what you want me to beat up some drops what's up boss go auntie wants coffee hey boss you have the report list ready for us look at you chomping at the bit engine yeah I'm almost done with I've been working on it with somebody sit right nuts up right now you mean right now right now that's intense I'm talking about boys I've been meaning to tell y'all I've been not you know I ain't a man that can express his feelings a lot of times and and pull your boys to the side and tell you I love you I don't even do that with my own kids but I can tell you that you sons guns are the best repo man I ever had my entire life you really mean that sir I mean it as much as I mean get your damn hands off my jacket I mean it just as much as I mean that you boys been shot at chase run amok led astray bamboozled all of it and you still keep on working for me I mean you team man you and I just had a little more you boy I could beat the Pittsburgh Steelers what I'm saying you're a gangster repo man just get out of the car I've never had a man that could repossess a police officer's cars what I'm saying – you're a bad manner jammer and you you'll repol somebody's weave if I tell you to just one second she's rushing it next thing is going dad you're my man I'm keeping you boys I'm excited about sir I sure would in fact sir my mother's car is no not right now sir say that again I have my mother's car on her luck right now sir that's right this dumb ass do repossessed his own mama car while she was asleep this morning open this goddamn door its openness motherfucking window what's wrong what the hell are you trying to do I know I'm reduce Oh No hey Moran you and praying your black ass on out the car I'm gonna shit how you gonna repossess your own mama car you need to be saving yourself t you I'll be showing you how to totally African motherfucker not to do this oh mama no no okay I had one more baby one last payment y'all need to be shaming also tell you like I tell everybody on this car is not yours [Applause] god damn it I should have never won save the children that spear chunky monkey but needed motherfucker got my car oh I'm gonna go shoot the TV i'ma shoot the goddamn TV I'm thinking if she Jerry Pablo they will never talk to me the hood I am a dime with this i'ma shoot the goddamn TV I'll have my mother's car on and look like NASA whose car my mother yo your mother's car my damn mother your mother yes it I'm talking about fucking that bitch sir yes that is what I am talking about that dedication right there speaking of wait you know what back up back up a little bit sir oh damn her get you one of them African two sticks or something that you own look do you have any idea how much it cost me to warehouse your mother's car no so how much tell me son too much coffee too much please they don't understand this is a business I did not leave a very profitable pig farm in Tuscaloosa Mississippi so that I could come here and lose money on the dollar pennies on the dollar he's like you ordering a for let mid naan and they bring you back top ramen that's pennies on the dollar you feelin me I feel yourself they won't be collar and stuff video right you know they don't need payments cuz they never make them and leave me here and that's why I need y'all to get all my shit back everything on this list if you would yes sir well I'm gonna go out there and bring everything on this list and everything else is not paid for sir that's what I'm talking about there crap a Mochaccino let's go out there put some seat yes put your hands in everybody put your hands in oh the count of three everybody put them all in pull them all in okay pilot three get my shit whoa Doody nice it easy that's okay get my shit Danielle's ball look at ready to go he's always ready to go Neil he don't say much just his but it's important when they say just anything else boss no sir I don't need nothing else nothing just going out there and handle the shit for you son yes you know that mass everything honestly sir boss I reprove bin Laden's shit if I have to sir I swear would I believe you I believe you'd go over there and I believe you find bin Laden there on his camel them to UPS he probably got platinum horseshoes on that damn camel just riding around listening to the radio I believe you snatch it from him and bring it right back to me I believe that you out there I'm gonna go out here and repo all these sit for you so I'm gonna work for you right now son do it man when is you gonna stop kissing mr. Henderson that I told you take this job too serious you're gonna get popped you ain't gonna take over the sheet I'm a report your sheet once coffee finally pull his nose out of mr. Henderson ass it was ready to go back to work see the first repo looked like it could be but in a repo game you never know what's gonna happen that's why I like the Trojan I keep me some protection this month alone I almost had to shoot about 20 feet behind the car [Applause] right now together on this mother right here Stan you do make a famous and i'm repo'ing your shit right now you can't do that to us we live in here what bitches now you're home let's get the fuck out bitch who the fuck you calling a bitch see honey first of all I ain't a bitch we are nigga bitches I'm Twinkie and this is cupcake and I will punch you motherfucker for you – motherfucker – get on I like my man say yeah understand I'm sending do we can do this the easy way or the hard way get y'all shit and get up get the fuck up okay okay we said we cannot black asses up out of here you know you know when doing repos some people put up fight other people are so scared of losing their car you could say anything to him to scare the shit on that's why I like this job I like this car I must bought a car like this before you know car this is because I repo your shit right now I got a half day now hot date where the bitches are me call me brother like that you guys did this shit to my mother when I'm trying to get me some ass man you know how it is so I don't know you know pussy came in when I forgot I take a good look at this guy take a good mental picture of it typical page of it I'll take it that's bogus man that's bogus yeah hello brandy baby yeah we're not gonna be able to go out okay okay so focus having a pretty good day everything was going pretty smooth we had five repos two from the same apartment building and it wasn't even ten o'clock yet but the repo game could flip on you at the blink of an eye I mean when it's all said and done you never know what's gonna happen to the next repo was supposed to be this crazy Vietnam vet that spent most his time in a park talking the squirrel is probably myth eyeballs one is caught I'm not dead again sergeant I can need some company motherfucker I am beating the commies will tell you won't be right you back up over yet monkey name oh man I won't whip your hair or one of my brothers broke on their head it might mean more fuckable needed but this problem Leo will equip us with problem problem rubbish Oh double or you plays my Braille if you want to I don't give up what you do you make them up like the stroke might be I'm gonna take the whole black here's me man [Applause] what's your name and rape boy 1968 Vietnam we are defending our country and what the fuck are you doing choking man god damn fucking drop your knees and Nick shut the time around I got you fucked all up in a mine you are crazy mother fucker you won all the ways you want follow I tell you what hit me and take the bump fight won't you come on over here and suck on one of my peanuts huh yeah bite me morning it might be mighty nightfall beat stops everything yeah boy you're probably doing so many drugs you don't even know where your peanuts are anymore don't mind is not by my hand it's gonna help me be shit right you give you fucked up colonel they post this here sergeant Williams talking I have a hit for you at Oh for 200 72 by 72 please bring in some me pawn at the big tree in the middle of the park just keep on smiling keep on talking while the fireworks [Applause] whoever this is I want you to state your name rank and serial number huh oh you meet you cross the street ready Peter hey fucker I can't even get hot what the hell do you think you're doing [Applause] command post command post I need backup immediately I repeat I need backup immediately the enemy has stolen my fuck we double back pick up the repo truck headed back to the lat with about six cause I was having a good day but your boy coffee wasn't feeling too good you know why his mom was on the phone and she was since you've adopted me but I have to do what I have to do you don't love me because I'm mr. Hannes he told me I had to do what I have to do now the other problem with that is are you I don't give a damn so what Mara please can you stop I'm gonna have to get a restraining order on you okay you want to go to your mother that's what daddy left you for white you much the same cheap for you fuck me as friend the family could be lost to mother right not you are lost you have seven days to paid off and I stopped we're gonna accept what are you showing to me enough is enough if I have a child my son a muscle okay yeah when coffee got done getting cursed out by his mom on the phone we grabbed the new repo list and hate it out it was much time so you know we had to grab some okay Chinese people we can do this the easy way keep my job is Peter himself steal my car and even pay for ha ha no way they pay okay it's okay but they took my talk you have a kimono fight the power now little shit on my white girl a white bitch fuck a white baby call me baby put the goober now some repos are dangerous others the kind of easy a few of my just playing funny you know like this homeboy right here you know I mean he acting like he got so much money and he's doing it real big but he can't in pairs caught no so you know what my boss sent me and coffee out the other hand you get his ride back cuz like I said it'll bespoke if you don't pay your note you can't keep your car it's as simple as playing as death you're filming gotta be maybe I got you yeah all right so far we report about eight cars today and we was on our way to break the record for 12 repos in one day you know what that means that means cash and money that means that cash bonus paper you know I am about my paper so we followed this lady 15 minutes later to the bank she stopped at the ATM machine and y'all check out whatever I mean coffee right now I don't give a damn about nothing the day was going crazy a woman that we thought was gonna be an easy repo they just shot at coffee I checked the files on the next repo and this smelled like trouble – I told coffee I had left my heater at the office man so it's kind of like go do this another time but this fool one to jump in the jungle and said man I'm outta here first behind mr. ennis and I'm gonna get this called a date and you know what I always told myself follow your first mine but like a fool I went out there with that's the house but I'm sure that's the car look right now home and it ain't got my no no look if we do this is on you you know in your home just for new business I'm not kidding nothing anyway still in the car not for long graduate come here to me for your car this guy just won the car that's all I want no not repossessors shit i'ma put or that this is our court order you just see this this nigga oh shit nigga broke my heart y'all don't get the fuck up outta here I'm gonna break your legs y'all get the fuck up outta here I'm taking my car the fucking nigga like me look like on the bus I want the car just get the car put your hand on my back I'll kill you over my fault this is the card I have to get over make me kill somebody around here we have just ran up on the human kingdom come I ain't had my scrap so like they said in a good book a good run through the best and I was on my way out this clown called the double back everybody gonna give him this diamond cult by any means necessary I don't know what Coffey was doing but you know what I ain't waitin around no more I'm about to set up the next repo and go handle my business cut I gotta get this bonus money yeah Larry Joan oh you got a free all change yeah come on down to the oil change come right there yeah we're right on 1200 1200 47th Street bring your car in you got a free oil change okay yeah let me give you a code that you get you need for your oil change is zero zero four five eight okay all right thank you thank you bye come on down time steady passing the home and coffee and came back yet but I decided to go fishing on my own I'm trying to get that bonus money you know how it is out here man I got to get my paper some paper chase but in the car wash right now my agent got Regina left my father yeah Big Finish boom if I could find you yeah I know hey man I got beans man I need this new bar look at me well look at you just got shiny look at you I'll lift the leg up together hey over there fix you look like a liquid some money are they gonna die for yourself alright alright real there's a proudly blasts Kazakh my agent told the takis agents and tell them is one hundred and fifty dollar process and feed for late payments and if the check bounced so he there's an extra hundred $50 off that you heard me nigga let me get back to work now I'm in here doing some business business I'm busy I'm working okay important work very important are you doing Rebecca you ready for business so I can power racks you lock the door yes you bring that hot sauce I like yes 38 minutes I got gas so bear with Matt if you can I'm the princess in the word great nobody give a fuck about you Ali motherfucker enough is enough she is not here to save you now is the time put your seat up bitch tamales I have for lunch gonna disagree with me but you know the routine alright come on up here come on now no I like that a little bit mr. Henderson mmm-hmm you are just lovely hmm I've been waiting on this whole day long oh let's not break the chair I only got one up you know yes mr. William Stern yes this is Tiffany Morris coming from the Range Rover dealership yes how you doing sir yes we have a slight little problem there's some recall on your car yeah some ants do with exhaust pipe yes might happen appointment for you at the dealership yes but today just get it in as soon as possible because if you possibly have an accident in the Cronk we just go explode into one big yes okay yes taking them as soon as you can and I'll win for you right now okay I got number nine with no problem home coffee finally hit your boy back I was about to get on him till he told me man I picked another one up at the car water so we up to ten right now and two away from getting our paper I couldn't go change somebody took my somebody he called him the manager there was a black guy with a cop he was so excited he went to grab the range I went back into the office to pull up some old files to see if I can find an easy repo you know it was time to pull it off man we but to get that paper with no drama your film okay baby wanna fuck I just wanna body and he go think he's not gonna pay for you like you song sweet she poked up just by you I don't wanna make a payment you're like a beautiful bitch you need to be paid for this nigga I wanna treat you like shit to get you to much better here we get a rich motherfucker with some money that's gonna take care of you we're gonna shut change a little oil your transmission fluid and make a payment every month so you don't have niggas like me picking them up I'm gonna find your rich owner somebody very rich to take care of you I promise you that yes and this walk was the greatest it's don't mother fucker God is niggas creep I said listen there's a recall on the car yeah exhaust pipe the more flies are telling me that the muffler is coherent to the engine where you have to take the ship back to the dealer so Range Rover there's no fucking muffler don't beat pick the secret dealer into the deal I said yes and I cornered Eve I said listen this don't lead to drug garage and guess weed is not stunning anymore this nigga can afford it pay for the car make a long story longer right we gotta get to the fucking deal I came out that beautiful so no you're you're yeah come on in a waiting room waiting for new muffler that's what mr. Honda seen love me more than you love you because I love this job your clown man Culver was clowning but I had picked the next two repos so close I know we're gonna get our paper the next repo was lady and how hard could that be then we spider trying to change a flat tire a little way she look I'm like she could keep up how I wanted look like you what's your name I'm Kim I'm T always got a good how long you been out here I'm coming that that's that's my partner in crime coffee right there okay so it brings you round this way work what do you do I'm a repo man a repo how repossess people cause they don't pay they no seat mr. Hennessy is gonna be pissed I'm coming man that's what you're doing later well I'm probably gonna go I'm gonna get cleaned up and then I'll have something to eat glad so what you sayin it's the dinner Davidson actually I do have a sister perfect yeah for me I was trippin cuz we call mr. Henderson money but I'm so I gave a break and I figure you know what what the words could come out and she was on my team she would have to worry about a cold nose normal it ain't trickin to be guarded you feel now the next repo we ran up on was a real hustle and you know ideas when you run up on these dogs you gotta come up on them right you feel me so we had to get our game playing together but this boy had put a million dollars of diamonds in his glove Department now I know he was a Doug I know he was a hustler but he wasn't too bright to put a million dollars a dime in a glove Department you know anybody could be out there lurking doing all the diamonds I'm delivering the night to make sure I've got my money man all right you know without the men we didn't called the did our job we brought his car back to the life I mean we reposes what we posted do that's our job will you been home mr. Henson say you want this thing washed max dip them right now yeah all right I'll get with you later home give me a chance I guess we won't be needing what is it hip-hop you know what fuck you missed answer I quit you think I need you oh no what am I gonna do I don't need you many homeless people out there willing to work 23 hours a day I'm taking this truck with me I knew you know we straight you can keep your check I don't keep the trip this is my chance no I don't I don't need help with that I'll get somebody else when I'm Spanish coffee out there he'll bring me back nine we was running out of time to get the bonus money remember that fine shit killing I meant trying to fix our ties he was at the restaurant waiting on my sister and me and coffee figured it's a good time for us to get a dinner break with the meatball cot sticking oh so long she coming man just chill up she'll be here you should look like again thank you for helping me today ready to eat oh I wanted one bite you baby I love women order that means actually is a beautiful yes yes mine yes right please well the obvious babies in the fucking way please get get off me your skin another impression is coming to business of craps I have Ebola in my deep I have anybody I have malaria I go to the free clinic shit about me five minutes bitch I have one ball fuck you fuck you Gina shit you do to me this is not a bra this is six niggas makes me think he's a joke you lock me at my brain I'm in shock and stop not this shit I thought you had to go back to work I'm I do afternoon but believe me we don't get to see you again never what never means another day it's coming soon but you don't like me in something what's the problem you don't like me fuck you Dan Nicola gonna go to work there repo your motherfucking car you ain't getting with all this all little maybe you can't have the Osborne that's cool take your black crickety head fuck you yo shit do sink nigga it's thank y'all homeboy tripping I finna get started I ain't gonna get started just do me a favor next time you come over don't bring that black motherfucker with you okay fuck these niggas ain't trying to get with this sweet ass chocolate I'm special dark nigga harsh snicker they say the blacker the berry the sweeter the chili that's right again you're gonna get diabetes fuckin with me and check it at the game oh you know he's humping niggas fuckin it good and then dunk on that nigga man me a homing call forgot our grub on and left the rest of run and got a disturbing phone call from the boss man saying that tic-tac had quit and took one his vehicle some thugs ran into the office and kidnapped mr. Henderson secretary Rebecca and gave us three hours to get their diamonds Beth now I ain't no Menten about no diamonds but I knew one thing if the boss called me I had to get out dan hang on my business and I don't care who it was with I got a job to do I'm gonna bring down nigga and your Casa I'm gonna bring him a lot I'm gonna cut his balls and bring it into my hands for you and I'll bring your car sir I want my car I don't know what the fuck he talk about bringing ball gay killer with it my whole life for this I'm going to bring tick-tock croc yes dead and alive with testicles in my hands now bring a car I will go and I will check this family about due to his wife give a bladder infection so I will do whatever it takes to make you happy I'm going to bring back these testicles in your car sir your car and his boss get our life okay no no don't bring nothing in your hand come with your hands up like this when you come just bring my car I got you boss don't let him around take family you did boss now kick the car no balls don't even touch yo balls in the car bring the truck you are dad I'll be boxer non-magic Tech and then – fun dude I will send you South Carolina some balls hurt what about 2 hours left we had to find that fool tic-tac so we decided to check his Chris Berg and we was ready for word up I mean I was gonna give him back that come and I'm diamond by any means necessary to mr. Henderson you feel me this tick tockia Wow and who was you he worked with me who is you I'm his sister nigger he's not who you are shit outta my fuckin you is six-five motherfucker oh your name like that looking for tick tick we need all that I'm about something amazing you know he's not actually he ain't even here she's not I'm lyin motherfucker how the fuck he won't come up in here and tell me I'm lying you don't live in his house cuz you look like a liar and you look like a pop bitch hell you call it bitch look like a king with a concussion fuck yo ass no don't even trip on that job was that you don't have no one maybe I tell you but it ain't gonna be free so what you sayin boy shit you know a girl like me being loving and thug as niggas like you know my nigga locked up up staying up and dying to give me something that lovin slow you down or what and then go and recycle – nigga man oh no come on hold up house we don't get this nigga man Killa can I leave what no but you can keep my grandmother company yo granny we got please don't the TV doesn't know you my homeboy win it he ran out girl no baby I almost did it though I found out where the homie tic-tac was hiding it from his own sister I gave my boy call for the address and I told him to lay low till I get there but y'all know that food and listen he went out like Tarzan in the jungle I mean he was wild and now talking about he going ham and mr. hinting some business he was gonna bring back kick tech balls he was gonna get the diamonds he was about to go hand in this bin and I told him that home and just wait on me man we could do this thing together – right because you don't know what she's running a bone but you know what Nepal was so crazy about mr. innocent and even care [Applause] you keep telling me to look at you looking at you don't look oh look I'm looking at you I'm okay I'm not looking at you I'm looking at what the fuck I'm getting dizzy what the fuck you looking at you so Nuka oh shit get on the ground Oh Christmas what a diamond is that button what diamonds teeth telly man we boys will grow up together may come on telly red I'm wear this shit dawg we grew up together me okay you want more time with a dime get him over here come in come on get on the ground but LeBron will be so proud of me I will become manager manager of dog repo [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Miz go here man beautiful nine diamonds yes Peter check out we don't please that won't come from one 200 when we leave if you get up at 4 100 I'm coming back in here yes all right it was a pleasure doing business with y'all tick tick he's never personal there's always business baby sab you sure check and see if they go coffee got some love from his mom we got the diamond and Rebecca back to mr. Henderson that fool was so happy we was one shot but he gave us the bonus anyway culprit brought his mom called back to him which was a good thing but he still got his ass beat as you know what rule number one never play with Big Mama his repo 101 you don't pay your car note we come get your shit that's a go this is another dinner my momma get off work at 5:30 she's about to come home she catches like this and we're nice to work I'll just hit it with the call I have this clapping we pulled this motherfucker 2001-2002 go his luck Mama's home when I CEOs come up these steps I'm a beat Joe air so bad you don't need a nap nigga I'm an ass baby I'm with his ass unafraid on and even Jesus said amen yeah Jesus not what that boy's eyes she told me he think I'm gonna be tired I'm gonna be waiting got down here windy but I gotta go – OH [Applause]

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