Master P EXPOSES Tyler Perry's Suspect Shady Behavior During This Live Interview!!

we hit each other up this morning man in the interview like you said pie one of the best interviews we've seen in a while definitely the best interview in 2019 will Master P now I got the hook-up part two is dropping July the 12th yes who's out here right now promoting that but he talked like Master P only does and got into Tyler Perry among other things we'll talk about it man let's hear with massif he has to say and let me get you respect I'll bump into a man oh I'm thinking of yeah big brother I'm proud of you to move in at the hook up to you know the screening was big the whole city showed up you know was just like oh like I'm scared or something like that bro you know like man I'm happy for you cuz real I tell you all the time it's really not that much money for us to make and filming because we don't know that right I saw heard the speech he say it on BT and all that man but that's what we talk maybe because several years ago we talked like look man reason took up and do so but then you don't show up but that's this is my first time seeing somebody oh I forgot about all that so I'm just like man look I'm thinking zombie you know like we took the CEO like you say sorry I'm gonna stop it right there he'll this bag man yeah we think about that idea bro man I think you know I appreciate him you know I'm giving it up 100% real cuz he coulda took a higher role but he say know what i'ma keep it real and he was expecting it to be one way and it was totally different like yo like this movie we need competition like you know this enough for us out here that's you know congratulate each other you show up in my I show up at Troy's one hand watch the other and we you know this is my problem and not the have a major problem with Tyler Perry but um you know I had a problem him putting on a dress but I think this goes to his character a little bit as being you know a little bit standoffish of you know real masculine black men for whatever reason that's what probably could cause somebody in my opinion to play a role like Medea you know I mean you have to have you know uh and not only you know resentment for black men but the fact that you know he's always just glorifying like his his man his mom his aunties and stuff like that but II never hear him talking about you know his father or his uncles and probably they wasn't there right so it comes out you know he's in these different roles and everything but um real dope real dope the master P you know took that route and kept it real because Master P's one of the only people left out here that's doing it independent that's a voice for us other people apologized and sold out was supposed to be the independent work so Master P is standing firm and calling it like it is man so I got a salute Master P on that one man oh gee there's very few people in the game that we could look at and look at to look up to and really say not he's doing it like this for real Master P is one of those people now we watched it out to Tyler Perry you speak like we do there yeah and it came off great but we couldn't wait to get into it and talk about it and we did our thing after that podcast but when you listen to what Master P said about it it almost confirms a lot of the shit that we were talking about on the podcast and we've never met the man ever but it was just like you say that you want unity you say that we need to come together you say this but then you throw and you act upon the same stereotypes or the same things that we've defended us so long and you've automatically looked at this man like a competitor first of all he's going to take what I've built and what I've done and what I did and what I'm that and I'm the guy so we can't take this note as opposed to just being now let's build let's make something better and we can have a Lionsgate and a warm Warner Brothers we can do both because that's what master P is that all day everything when he sees a brother/sister aspiring let's build let's do this let's build together you can look at it he preaches it all day long and any practices it is something to look is aspiring to look at right but this is something about Tyler Perry you hit the nail right on the head you can't help but to say I can't help but to look at the fact that when does this man ever looked at another black man in the face and when it comes to just equality and giving him any props or any love for real on a public scale yeah I'm not talking about like showing love but clapping smile for having your brothers norm pictures I'm talking about pulling a scale like this where is your conversation with master Pete why can't you to sit down and do an interview and make that shit pop on the Tyler Perry networking in Georgia or with masterpiece somewhere why can't that happen you do a cameo when I got to hook up to and just show solidarity not even thinking about it but we're gonna had this next movie to uplift black women and I have no problem with that it's needed it's needed but so is they uplifting a black man definitely and you a powerful figure that have a powerful voice that could do these things and you put it right on the head and you said a dominant and an alpha male black figure that's very important wording detained dad Master P's a an alpha male yeah strong black male and he kind of withered down at it it gets deeper though cuz you talking about a dress Oh God so the master P yes sir that's here 95% we don't mean we don't own nothing so you see us on all these big films and all these big project but real money is in the production you know even with me I something they don't really want us to own the production book they want us to be in front of the camera I had to really go you know take one I just wanted to check it out so I took a project like a No Limit pricing even to like a B et like man it was just hard to get it through the system even not at the money and everything no matters like and I ain't got another person of another color to go in went right through that's crazy to me you know and I'm just like just like you uh I seen where you all feel like man us as people we got to be rude like I say we've seen the thing with Tyler Perry talk about ownership of man look we got to be real with each other we gotta come together we gotta stop and you know he can't be faking with each other I think maybe I say that interview one time III wouldn't know put no that's the truth I'll kill her like with no dress I want to make no money that's just me but it's not meaning to nobody so I don't know what people take that the wrong wheel whatever that is what about ninety five and five all that it's just break this shit down label answer yeah I mean this is this we always kind of get to like you know with the wealth disparity thing man like we look at all these different industries NBA you know NFL Hollywood yeah you see us all out there you know me in front of the cameras and doing all you know entertaining and stuff like that but when it comes down to the ownership and getting that big bag it's slimming none same thing in Hollywood 95 you know 5% you know uh you know I'm and then he said that was very strike and he talked about Beatty and him having the money and everything taking his project and them even saying huh you know but then he brings you know somebody ever different you know race over there the project goes right through these type of things right here it just it it screens up yo build your own stop going through these people you got to start building your own because at the end of the day they keep disrespecting you you know by the images and the thing they've betrayed not only that but the money that they pay you talked about you know somebody like let's just say Kevin Hart or the rock or somebody let's say they make ten million you know to do a certain movie whatever movie they do but you know that week that opening week if there was a part of the production that movie made a hundred you know I'm saying 100 million in one week or something like that the movie over the time made a billion so you could have made five hundred million as opposed to that ten million but you want to just go to Hollywood and get the job as opposed to owning the whole thing so um I mean I'm loving I'm loving master P another thing that he said was that was real big is that we got to stop faking with each other and you talked about that two guys just wanna show up these war ceremonies take a little picture but when it's time to show up and Tyler Perry you know actually show up to match the P and do something and put something together he's nowhere to be found but he's talking all this and that you know so we need again we need guys like Master P to continue because he is by young guys like us you know I mean who wanna you know because when we see guys bowing down to the system it kind of discourages a lot people that came out with strong voices you know I mean things like that so watch out the master P and you know that's my opinion on that man yeah and when you look at the ninety five and five and you and you and you look at that disparaging number it just goes to show you that and you know what it reminds me of oh god that reminds me of a white man can't jump and in this situation where they were about the dog woody hell she was trying to dump to get the money and he couldn't jump but he was saying no black people they play to look good white people they play to win and it was like that's what they sold us we had to be on the front of the stage we had to be here we had to be here we had to be the star and because we were so talented we saw yet that's where the height of fame is so as long as we can get there as long as we could dribble the basketball be when they see us as a star we're good and they're gonna pay us handsomely for it so we should not complain about what they get and oftens how we had no idea what they were getting because we were just getting so much and the allure was there and we just seen this and thought that and perception will tell you that they were getting at all did we found out no it's not the people that sang the record system above us who wrote it and didn't bug the beats yeah and the people who distributed it are making the money now it's not the people who acted out these roles that I love is the person who wrote the script and distributed it and who produced it but why don't we ever get thrown into those seats why don't we ever get thrown into those wrecks and why are we ever looked at those as children at the top money situations all the things you should be aspiring for why don't we always gotta be in front it's a setup man and when you look at somebody like master P and even when you look at his son yeah and him coming up as a child star and Master P kind of just attest how he is as a father because him about what was seimei's doing the same thing you look at what what romeo is doing right now in there and producing with his daddy l produced see I got the hook up – don't went to USC for this got his own film production company you don't hear no nos is going on about him mmm-hmm in comparison to his counterparts that did it the same way same age manage this they got a real great blueprint over there you can't do anything but look up to what Master P has going on and he said nothing but real shit man I mean don't forgot and with that being said you got support and another thing you know I think that was great and he talked about you know cuz you may look at a movie like we got the hook up and say it was this but you got to start you talked about Black Panther and I was a big movie we thought for black people who stood on the right shit and that's what I'm saying we look behind the scenes who benefited the most off that and it just has to change we have to really you know build our own industries because ownership equates to power you don't have ownership you're not gonna have no power and you're gonna be forced to take roles like putting the dress on take roles like you know all these different roles that guys gotta take as opposed say you know what I'm making my own movie my own role and another thing to close out on this man I think you made a great point with this is uh the influence that these guys have and a lot of these movies is poppin because of these guys platform like movie that Rock does if it if it ain't gone on his platform it wasn't gonna pop be Kevin Hart's movie he goes on his if it didn't go out of his platform wasn't gonna pop all these different people who got these tens of millions of followers on Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube and all that they're the main fuel for this they just gotta grow some nuts but they're our own money up get their own companies and make this happen with their own dollar and reap the benefits stop going to the universals stop going to all these different companies and sitting up underneath you know them and make your own man no no Kevin Hart got heartbeat production and I'm sure to arrived at his own publishing house too but they're still underlying under one big manufacturer it's like if we and you got a publishing deal but we would mean a new distribution to Sony yeah we got a pub deal but we signed by Sony learn a little bit of a difference than what master P has going on and when you talk about the their promotion think about this oh god in 1998 and we wanted to see a movie how was it promoted to us via commercial that cost a lot of money to put that a space on TV facts that's money that they're saving these movie company now when they could simply go on a phone for free of charge to tell them to go watch my movie yeah and they go these people got power like you said they got to start taking the power out of these people's hands start putting it back into our own Ryan Cooley the dirt dope the gentleman who directed Black Panther he also directed um I forgot that that movie that was out in California with the BART station I forgot what that move was called he's an incredible writer ya get what a master pinion make something special for something and like you say we got to support this brother because millions and millions of dollars went into this budget but hundreds of millions go into movies and they're not giving these these black directors black entrepreneurs who want to do movies these kind of budgets it's a struggle they're not putting them in movie theaters so it's select theater near you go support it it's on iTunes and you got iTunes go grab it back support this so that it can move forward and then he can move forward cuz this important man this is the kind of support we need to do fax adapted EFI can you agree with that hundred percent man makes you I take that interview out Master P on The Breakfast Club man so much more information in that interview that you can glean from a yeah man we coming down you know to the enemy to think we hit the our mark right now the hip hop uncensor podcast if you enjoyed the content thus far go ahead and hit that five star rating real quick and do not forget to subscribe to this podcast so you can continue to get these episodes as we drop them almost on the daily man it's been a great

46 thoughts on “Master P EXPOSES Tyler Perry's Suspect Shady Behavior During This Live Interview!!”

  1. Father God pls help our Community because some of us get ignorant by the day. Master P should have just found a way to meet up with Tyler Perry and kept this off air but no he wants attention. He's too old to be acting like a kid. Please stop thinking Master P didn't do people wrong in his past because trust me he has. Mast P has a problem with everything people do but yet complain worse then anyone else. Now that Tyler Perry has seen this I can guarantee you that once they talk master p would come to his senses as well. I can tell half you blk men have an issue with gay blk men. But yet to disrespect them the way you do is wrong. Choose your comments wisely frfr. Social and going on the radio to dish out this dirty laundry could have been done differently. And Master p ain't too far from monique either that's why she stands where she stands now. Stop using the internet to hurt people talk in person and get it done right. Blk people need to do better.

  2. Not surprised! Systematic racism and oppression. Black male destruction. Be gay, humiliate women. We have made Esau's millionaires.

  3. He doesn’t talk about his father bc his father was very very abusive towards him! He talk how bad he used to get beat by him in oprah! That’s probably a big reason why he has a bad narrative of black men!

  4. I think ,my opinion,it seems to me,and why. None is more important than the people who struggle to live everyday. Eating and staying alive is more important than these millionaires opinions of each other. The ASPCA is asking for 19 dollars a month to save animals and 50 cents a day to feed a child and you worried about Tyler Perry.

  5. That's only Black men become Famous for killing kissing men or gangster Roles. Farkan said we have the Power to make BILLIONS but we play in Hands of the Rich.

  6. Same old song… It’s still black vs black… It’s ugly… Pointing fingers at each other in a public forum has never helped us… It just fuels the negative energy

  7. I agree.i know ppl who are worked for him and he has some deep rooted issues n is not who ppl think he is

  8. Hollywood is very demonic but when it comes to Tyler Perry wearing a dress and dressing up as my dear it's nothing he was doing it in the theatres and he was doing it before he even got famous so what I liked about his movies is that they were therapy he was dealing with everyday life and he was bloody funny now all the rest of them you can totally see that they would told to put on a dress and they didn't have any option like Dave Chappelle said he doesn't need to wear a dress to be funny but Tyler perrys started off with madea so he wearing a dress don't mean nothing but when it comes to Jamie Foxx Nick Cannon Kevin Hart and many more I don't understand for them to be in the game they had to wear a dress Tyler Perry was not acting and then had to wear a dress you was doing it when he had no money so that don't count

  9. So we bash Tyler Perry for wearing a dress and having gay rumors but we give Paul Mooney & Richard Pryor gay asses a pass. Let's be consistent!

  10. whats that video where Biggies threw the chick out the mansion then he threw her coat….. yeah that one…… Tyler Perry took that and put it in Diary of a mad blk wom….. LMAO

  11. Tyler Perry went through a horrific childhood.
    I have went through the same abuse.
    Things are never the same no matter how much therapy we get.
    Watch him on Oprah yrs. back.
    He does not ever have to mention his fathers name ever again.
    That is a trigger.
    Do some more fact checking, and display less ignirance when you speak on someones background.
    Btw, all this dress wearing and talking.
    I think lava-lavas are sexy.
    Kilts can be sexy.
    Manly is not defined by what you wear.
    A mf can get his ass beat by someone wearing a skirt or dress.

  12. Tyler Perry is wack and in my eyes hes no Martin Lawrence or Jamie fox. But the entertainment industry pushed it on us so much that we all became fans to a point but at the end of the day. I'd rather see Jamie
    or Martin.

  13. This is low energy shit we have to focus on bigger shit what two men discuss behind closed doors is their business P had no business airing their business out why do business with someone that's gonna do shit like that P you call the same strong women he represent a bitch and ho Tyler Perry is brilliant gay or not divide and conquer still works today and y'all nigga love it

  14. Tylér made his own stuff in a dress. It's his. You broke a$$ haters aren't making anything or owning anything. These woman hating toxic black masculinity idiots are the problem. Master P started it now his feelings hurt. He attacked Tyler's livelyhood. Master P is a B!tch

  15. U can't Uplift black women them b**** wearing another race hair in their head and always preaching about God and not happy with their own DNA and that sad

  16. F*** Master P you want to act like he's some type of sports agent when you f*** up Ricky Williams contract he going down in history as the only player in the NFL with the worst NFL contract in the history of the NFL

  17. Dat new P movie is no were near the frist one that shit bullshit glade i looked at it on the firestick frfr

  18. I'm proud of the 2 black men doing it like we are..ask yourself are all black people are the same..if you think so..I'm have the slave mentality..that's what they say..we are the most diverse people on this planet..think about it..look how many shades of color we race is like that..Africa has 1000 different languages..come on ..let's learn our people before we judge our more thing..Bill cosby..oprah..Tyler ..Sidney p. The list goes on..they are the black elite..meaning..they don't need white money are white business to survive in the business..they have a lot to lose..and they are not going to let anyone in..they have a lot to many times have you heard Oprah or Tyler doing a pod many times have you heard powerful whites doin pods…mo..master p…and others let their emotions keep them out of that click..they can't keep's a reason they call it a secret society

  19. No Master P. Exposed his jeaslousy. I haven't heard Tyler Perry say one bad thing about Master P. What's the difference in what Tyler Perry do for a living and Master P. does? Master P. said he wouldn't put on a dress to make money. Well Tyler Perry wouldn't make songs calling women Bitches and hoes or making movies with a lot cussing sex. The difference is that dress didn't get him where he is at today. God his faith and belief did. I haven't heard Master P. mentioned God not one time. God is the difference in where Tyler Perry is at and where Master P. Is at. Who been in game longer has nothing to do with it.

  20. I🔴🔴🔴🔴 got the hook up 2 is modern FUNNY😂😂😂😂😂😂 with all the Instagram fans.🔴🔴🔴🔴

  21. I betchu if master p dressed up as a woman…..this interview wldnt even be happening……Tyler Perry wld be rushing to dew movies with p then 😕

  22. The Big💰💰come with a ritual.. it will change thru Indy.. This is why all of the history is stolen..Be Independent, Blueprint, & Trademark your Art to Your PPL…

  23. Look at it from this point of view…Tyler Perry's films and Gro$$ makes any of Master P projects look like he needs the hook up from him 😂 now, I don't think Tyler feels threatened by Master P's films. I will say Master P stated when he tried to give his project to BET the doors didn't open but the minute he placed it in someone else's hands that was of a different ethnicity the doors opened. I think Master P may want to check how people view him as a person or maybe his past image, associations and his body of work. I will admit I got the hook did well but it's not a household film and definitely not a household name like Tyler and remember Tyler is from Atlanta GA 🤔 those boys are bougie like the women so he may feel bruh I know you have money and a platform but look at ur ideas and the audience you trying to reach 🤔 we are not on the same level nor share the same interests but can we still work together 🤔 or maybe Tyler walk in circle of investors that may frown upon working with Master P. Let's be real ppl 💯 In Hollywood every move you make is judged and the gate keepers desire to be pleased so stay in ur lane Mr. Black man. I do agree that we as a indigenous people should break the chains and build our own but on who's network 🤔 we all know what happens in this world when you try to cut out the people that control and have connections with the law makers 🤔 so that's a war most people are not trying to start but it is possible to build our own, work together and take care of ourselves and family, not in this country tho…not in the faces of old fashioned racism with a new face. Akon lead the way, nothing wrong with following.

  24. Yo! I feel this one brothers. I have been mentoring young men and have been telling them this. Time and time again letting them know don't just inspire to play basketball or sports but look to be a agent to have a longer carrier and make more money.

  25. What the… I'm so confused. Everyone is bashing Tyler but no one was there to say how this interaction really went. No one know what Tyler was thinking or going through at that moment. How can anyone jump to conclusions about a man they really don't know. If P honestly wanted to work with Tyler, who hasn't he went to him. Tyler has helped 100's of people.

  26. C'mon y'all think Tyler trying to do something with a real street dude who's camp consisted of real killas! Of course that's the past though, but Tyler ain't trippin. Lol.

  27. The Bible: Deuteronomy 22:5
    5 A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.

    P right. He know the truth. If it detest God it should us too. I used to watch perry movie til I read this in the Bible. The Bible is absolute. God's Word- Jesus Christ. Amen

  28. Real Talk grew up following Nolimit thru the good an bad times music movie their troubles and all free C & Mac

  29. I was at an associate house yesterday. 7/13/19. Guess what was playing on his TV. "I Got the hook up 2".. how in the world did this movie get on stream that quick, they're always trying to block the money trying to make this movie flock at the theater. I encourage everyone to go to the movies and see this. I didn't pay any attention to the movie on his TV I'm going to the theater and watch it

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