Master of Science in Educational Leadership: Student Affairs & Higher Education

(down-tempo piano music) – The Student Affairs program at MSUM really encompasses all
aspects of ed leadership. It goes through adult learning. You’re able to kind of
select your electives in order to make sure that
it’s gonna be relevant to the work that you want to do. – Student Affairs Educational Leadership is a great degree to go into, especially if you’re looking to work within higher education. It gives you those opportunities, and how to achieve those opportunities, and how to be successful within those different
areas of specializations. One of the best advantages for
this Student Affairs program is actually the component of leadership, and basically what leadership entails is building up other
students to achieve success in their lives, and being
that positive role model to help make positive changes
within higher education. – I think the best features of
MSUM’s Student Affairs program is probably how current
and relevant it is. Instructors are really, really
practical and intentional about their lessons, and making
sure that it’s gonna apply to students and their work
and what they’re doing now, and ultimately preparing
them for their futures. – Being an online learner
was very beneficial, mainly because it opened
up a lot of time for me to do a lot of other things, as far as focusing on family,
getting to activities, not having a time constraint
of getting to college was actually very stress-free for myself. The faculty is amazing
on the response times. They would always get back
to you in a timely manner, as far as helping me with
an academic perspective, not only were they helping
with the academic perspective but they also help you
on personal perspectives. – The faculty was super
responsive and helpful in any questions that I had, and they were genuinely
interested in my learning. There’s not just a piece
of paper at the end, and it’s not just a formality to have a master’s at
the end of your name. The program really gives
you the experiences and knowledge to be able to
advance your career longterm and be a successful student
affairs professional.

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