Master of Media Research – Einblicke in den Masterstudiengang an der HdM

Media Research, Master Why are you doing your master's in Media Research? I am studying Media Research, because you can simply work on a topic in three semesters My topic is a big part of my passion and that's why it's such a dream and fits very, very well After graduation, I would like to do a doctorate and this is a very good training for my future. Which skills do you need for this course of study? When it comes to skills, analytical thinking and self-organization are the main advantages, because you are very much on your own, even in the Master's program However, I think such fundamental qualities like curiosity and determination are essential. What do you like best about your course of study? On the one hand, there is a very personal support and on the other hand, I like the technical implementation very much You can try out and apply prototypesor approaches that you have worked out, just like here in the Smart Kitchen. What challenges does the course of study bring with it? The biggest challenge is time management, because you work a lot on your own topics independently and have less presence in seminars you have to be able to structure yourself very well so that you always stick to the topic. What are the prospects after graduation? The Media Research Master is a very intensive research master which is so unique that it doesn't exist so often in Germany, I guess That's why there are so many opportunities, for example, to work at the Fraunhofer Institute or in research departments in other companies or at other universities. Of course, you can also do your doctorate afterwards.

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