Master of Learning Intervention course video

[ Music ] The Master of Learning Intervention is
the only course of its kind in Australia. You can choose to specialise in
disability, specific learning difficulties, or deaf education/teacher of the deaf. You’ll build the skills required to support
young people and children with disability and specific learning difficulties. You’ll learn evidence-based interventions for
these young people and how to implement them to optimise their learning outcomes. You can complete the 100-point course full
time over one year or the equivalent part time. There are two streams to choose from. Stream A is for teachers who are
eligible for VIT registration and who are seeking additional qualifications
to be endorsed special educators. As part of Stream A, you will complete
a 30-day placement in two 15-day blocks in early intervention or school settings. If you choose to do Stream B, which is for
allied health practitioners, early childhood and international students, you’ll
complete minor projects instead of the placement component. The disability specialisation
focuses on inclusion and promoting positive behaviour and learning. The specific learning difficulties
specialisation allows you to investigate the areas of
learning difficulties, intervention, and individual differences in learning. The deaf education specialisation fosters
an understanding of deaf education from assessment strategies
to development. [ Music ]

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